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The borough has the eighth-lowest carbon emissions per person in the UK and the fifth lowest in London.

Government data published in June and analysed by tech firm Migrate show the CO2 emissions of each local authority between 2005 and 2017.

Haringey’s CO2 emissions were 2.5 tonnes per person in 2017 following a 41 per cent reduction over 10 years.

The council, which declared a ‘climate emergency’ in March, has been pressing ahead with its  green agenda. It has invested more than £1.2 million in solar power generation and in 2018 applied to be part of a City Hall scheme to encourage residents to use solar power.

After a council promotional campaign, there were 1,100 registrations for the Mayor of London’s Solar Together London programme in Haringey – the most in the capital and 21 per cent of the London total.

The council has cut electricity consumption in the buildings it owns by more than 60 per cent since 2014-15 and set up 44 solar installations.

Councillors agreed in March 2019 to create an action plan aimed at making Haringey a zero-carbon borough by 2050, which is due to be published next year.

From a Haringey Council press release 

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  • No mention of the high levels of air pollution residents (including children and babies who are at risk of death owing to Haringey's toxic air) are forced to breathe on a daily basis, however. 

A really significant reduction. Many thanks for all the hard work and long hours put in by our local Friends of the Earth group, Sustainable Haringey, and others, to persuade the council to take responsible action on Co2, and helping to push the Green Agenda in  Haringey.

A good intent but not one that everyone agrees with. There seems to be a political obsession on this topic with monetary incentives that result in councils merely chasing  statistics.   Why not target elements that nobody would dream of opposing but ones where every local can actually benefit from such as actual pollution and trash on the streets. For example why not use the law to target the sheer amount of streets turned into idling taxi ranks, or the fly tipping culture ever present in our parks. Want a truly "green" borough?

Pretty sure this is solely based on emissions from the council itself, i.e Haringey Council buildings/lighting etc. The borough and it's individuals are not related. Otherwise the toplist would just be "boroughs where people take the least international flights"



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