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Haringey Council has partnered with charity Trees for Streets to make it easier for residents to fund tree planting in streets and parks across the borough.

Both the Haringey Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme and 'Celebration Tree' Scheme offer residents the opportunity to help making the borough a greener environment.

Residents can choose to sponsor a Street Tree right outside their house or in another nominated position. They can also sponsor a 'Celebration Tree' in one of Haringey's parks or recreation grounds.

The council then assesses the chosen location, and if it is suitable, arrangements will be made to plant a tree the following winter: the best time to plant young trees to ensure they grow and thrive.

It will cost £200 to sponsor a street tree if you are able to water it yourself, and £50 more should you want the council to do that for you. 

And to pay for a tree in one of parks it's also £250. 

Learn more at sponsor.treesforstreets.org/provider/haringey-council

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I'd prefer it if they came and replaced the young street tree that was knocked down (white van man doing a three point turn) in 2019. They said they would but it never happened.

I can't afford £200. I do miss that tree though.

Didn't this use to be for free, like parking?

It used to be the case that all tree planting was done by the council with little or no resident input. Of course it was never free. The money used to come from the rates paid by residents. About a decade or so ago, the council started a scheme where residents could pay for a tree to be planted in their street, usually near their house. One of my neighbours did this a few years back. I suppose this rebranded scheme is supposed to raise the profile of that option. In the meantime council planting goes on, but under a very limited funding regime. 

I was thinking street by street fundraising would be a good way of accessing this. £200 seems quite a lot. I know trees aren't free and charities shouldn't do stuff for free, as it needs income. Perhaps you pay £200 get a tree and this money also  provides trees for poorer communities free or something like that.?

As far as I’m aware the amount paid isn't redistributed. I imagine the cost pays for the tree itself as well as the cost of planting. Whether there’s a margin on top, I don’t know. 

Yes guess so. I had a look at their website ( its a good website). They seem to access grant funding but its good that they supply trees at a cost as they would most likely be covering their full cost inc overheads. Will help them be financially more sustainable.

Wheres poorer than here?

 As usual with street trees, it's the maintenance after they've been planted that is the problem bit. A bucket of water when it's hot [fat chance at the moment!] and  clearing the grass around the tree pit will really help the young saplings thrive for many years. £200 is not that much if all the street has a whip round...

I think the shift we need to be clear of here is Council's do not have the funding (as massive cuts from Central Gov and boroughs reliant on generating income from developments in their area eg new homes etc and businesses. Thats why Camden for example as more £ than somewhere like our borough. Some commentators call boroughs like ours Dormitory boroughs where workers live). This all means the Council has to work different and prioritise services that deliver to the most needy as well as all the stuff like collecting the rubbish. Things like caring for street trees is low down the priority list and I am surprised to see there seems to be a post a senior arborist (?spelling?) in the borough. So there is need for communities and local residents to engage differently with the Council. Not necessarily replace services for free, but sort of work in partnership. And there are things that we can do better. For example I am more likely to care for the tree outside if I know there is no service in the Council I can call and ask or demand it sorts out the tree problem. Planting up tree pits, helps the tree, the environment, makes us feel good and will most likely mean we talk to others in the street. It does what is priceless builds strong communities. And more than ever we need strong, connected communities. Sorry rant over. 

Things were the same under Labour 

The funding from central government to local councils has been cut to less than half of what it was when Labour were last in government. 

That maybe. But it doesn't mean more was spent on trees or making the place look nicer. Under Labour the place looked much worse. 



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