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If you're sick of Brexit predictions and can't stand stab-in-the-dark predictions about London's 'next property hostspot', then stand back from the edge of the platform!

In a piece published last week, the Standard identified four London Boroughs which it feels are a good investment after Brexit. 

Haringey was introduced with the headline "Looking For Big Change? Try Haringey".

The article tells us that Haringey "offers the opportunities that come with transformation". Apparently, rents in the borough have risen seven per cent in the past 12 months, the highest rise in any London borough.

It says that the local economy is forecast to expand by 14pc by 2022, while the population is set to grow by 11 per cent and the average house price is now £550,415.

Much of the ES data comes from property company CBRE. In their annual borough by borough 'analysis' CBRE predict that house prices in Haringey will be on a "steep growth path over the next few years".

Red the full ES piece here.

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Loving that one of the pundits is called Brian Death (okay, Brian De’ath)

Blame the salmon mousse

The price of a house has nothing to do with Brexit. It's purely a function of what buyers are prepared to pay.

It's affected by mortgages. Just look at how much it costs to buy a house that is unmortgageable.

Regardless of whether it will happen I don’t understand how the possibility of house prices going further up can be presented as a good thing? Those articles about people in their 30s now leaving London in their droves are very true (anecdotally in my own life anyway). Highly qualified professionals on salaries way higher than the national average with not a mission of buying in haringey. Never mind the people who grew up in the area and can’t afford to buy there or the people living in overcrowded dangerous housing owned by unscrupulous landlords. The whole conversation this country around housing is depressing.

Elizabeth writes:

I don't understand why everyone everywhere is spending so long discussing what MIGHT happen after Brexit. Far more worrying is Hugh's other posting in this mailing:

'Haringey Rated as Second Highest Homeless Borough in UK'

especially given the population increase that's forecast for the borough. But maybe the newcomers will head straight for the £500K+ flats in Hale Village and Heartlands!

Okay then. Let's just say that 'what people are willing to pay' for a house depends on how they feel things (the economy inter alia) will be affected by the fact that the UK will be leaving the EU.



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