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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The meticulously extracted-from-tweets-and-Senior-Labour-Sources story from HoL has been republished in Ham+High


with a small amount of additional fact-checking by them.

No acknowledgement to HoL.

I have tried adding a comment but it hasn't appeared yet. Keep trying, those of you who think commercial newspapers should acknowledge their sources and maybe even pay for stories.


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I don't think they sourced it solely from here. I've managed to get Rotten Boroughs interested though! :)

They covered their back by contacting the relevant spin departments

eg "But the PR agency said it never had any involvement with Coplan or any other company on the town hall bid."


"Cllrs Kober, Strickland and Arthur did not respond to the Ham&High’s request for comment."

The rest of the work was yours. Send them an invoice.

Pam, just checked and the story is now open for comments

It was open for comments when I posted a comment there. Maybe they have to check with LBH's spin department before they release it.

The Comments Box doesn't seem to work on the Broadway Ham & High. I contacted one journalist about a different story and he confirmed there was a problem. I also tried posting a comment on what they've informally called "Lunchgate". That didn't work so I emailed them.
As for payment, personally I think local papers' priority should be paying and retaining good journalists.

In the meantime I suggest everyone who is rightly disgusted with this right-wing Council leadership and its rotten incompetent stewardship of our borough, please take every opportunity to mention what's going on to any journalists, bloggers and other media people you come across. Not hiding the disgust, anger they may feel but headlining known sourced checkable facts.

You're sadly right but, the local newspaper delivers to many houses that don't read blogs like this. They should be getting some of that BBC money, IMHO. Doing this for free is wrong and the stuff I do is very amateurish in comparison to what the professionals do.



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