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Cllr Ishmael Osamor "admitted three charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and a fourth charge of possession in a hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court last Friday."

I had no idea that this had being going on behind the scenes. His arrest was known before the selection process, but it seems Mum (Kate Osamor MP) managed to keep mum.

He remains a Councillor and keeps his job in mum's office in the Commons.

I couldn't find any mention in the Morning Star or The Canary, so please make do with this link.

***He finally decided to resign as a Haringey councillor at tonight's Labour Group meeting (Tues 30th)***

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Where on Earth do you get off dragging Momentum into this JHauptman? It is nothing to do with them. Please delete that cheeky and crappy tag on this post.

I think the tag is entirely appropriate. He was and is 'momentum-backed'. Without them, he would never have been nominated for the candidacy. It is also the Momentum leadership's failure that allows him to remain part of the Labour Group and to retain his role as councillor.

It would be unfair to the Labour supporters who are not part of this faction to simply regard this as a 'Labour' issue. Hence the tag.

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Ah I see.  You’re not really concerned about wether or not an elected politician is fit for public office, you’re concerned about wether or not a Momentum backed politician is fit for public office.  Your interest in the case is a lot clearer now.

Yes, it is isn't it.

Stating that he was Momentum-backed does not diminish from the argument that he is unfit for office. What it does is add context and to the lessons that need to be learned.

The very nature of his nomination increased the chances of an inappropriate person being selected for the role. 

But if you want to lessen the severity of his and others' deceit with some diversionary politicking, have at it.

Gosh, this is incomplete contrast to how another councillor was treated over a criminal matter.

Didn't Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce go to Jail for a similar offence ( lying to the police about who was driving ) ?

Cllr Joseph Ejiofor, leader of Haringey Council, said an internal investigation had been launched into Cllr Osamor’s actions.

He said: “Cllr Osamor came to see me on Friday, October 26 and explained about an incident that happened in September last year.

“I am obviously very concerned and disappointed by the actions that Cllr Osamor admitted.

“Cllr Osamor has accepted that what he did was wrong and has apologised. He has also resigned from his role as a deputy cabinet member.

“I believe that it is appropriate for an investigation to be carried out into these actions, and I have asked the Haringey Labour Party chief whip to do so.”


Good to see that what remains of our local press has finally picked up on this story.

"... obviously very concerned and disappointed..."
"... an incident"  !!!

Utterly pathetic.

I'm pretty sure if it was a bog standard council employee she or he would be fired. 

Yes since they've brought their employer into disrepute, but councillors aren't employees and any party will have internal procedures to be followed in this sort of case, though they'd better get on with it sharpish to have any credibility left. But I go with the general flow, he's a busted flush and a discredit to local politics.



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