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Do let Stuart McNamara know your thoughts on the situation, the more people who get in contact the more pressure there will be to sort out this mess:

Correspondence address:   

225 High Road 
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Bus. phone:  020 8489 2687 (office) 

Email:  stuart.mcnamara@haringey.gov.uk

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good idea. i am assuming the situation youre referring to is the closure of the Gardens roads, hermitage road and harringay road? getting in touch with the council about these long standing problems may probably help. these roads could provide an alternative north-south route during the current works and perhaps even be used as part of permanent new traffic set up.

what about the terrible problems caused by closing off gardens, hermitage and harringay road. closing them is a big part of the problem. i trust youll be urging the council to reopen them as well?

great minds then! it seems like theres a 5 month problem in green lanes whatever haringey want. so lets just reopen all green lanes roads and let the traffic run wild. yeehah!

If we can also open the roads in Crouch end so that all their residential streets can be used for queueing cars more's the better. After all it's unfair that we all have to queue around Wightman when there are perfectly good alternative routes with more potential volume which are closed. 

I'm going to contact them immediately to suggest reopening the Gardens and the cut through's in Crouch End so that traffic can get through there more easily - brilliant idea- thanks!

Thanks! I'll be telling Stuart what a great idea it is and how it's improved the quality of life immensely on the Ladder roads. And asking how we can apply to keep the road closure permanent like in the Gardens and Hermitage Road. This is immensely useful thanks. All the research suggests that the traffic will calm quickly and we can get on with making this change permanent. 

Me too! Well done for posting the details Harry - very useful. I will indeed be letting him know my thoughts on the situation   

I agree Rory! We also have a consultation process in place to work towards a balanced traffic management solution that seeks to be fair to ALL residents. Deluging Stuart McNamara and Ann Cunningham with personal rants will be seen as the bullying tactic it is. Traffic is calming and finding other routes already, let's give this a few weeks to settle. Ever the optimist!

I can hear birdsong. It's amazing.

Naming one individual and posting their phone number and email looks like bullying to me.

This is a very complex issue that has involved consultations with communities, Haringey, and Network Rail.

There has been a great deal of discussion  - and there is an ongoing process of consultation on the particular bridge closure and on the more general problem of traffic in Harirngay. You will find lots of information on this site about these processes.

Again Harry, if you look into the many threads here, they'll help you understand hopefully that the council did months of consulation, planning and forecasting. Closing Wightman Road was demonstrably a decision taken after an incredible amount of groundwork and computer mapping of all the possible outcomes and this was decided to be the best for everyone concerned, in and out of the borough. Research has also demonstrated that as around 75% of the traffic going along this route are people who live outside of the borough, they will replan their journey accordingly and according to unscientific, local reports the traffic already appears to be calming. Everyone knew we'd have a few weeks of chaos, so maybe we should wait for a fair time before harranging our council members. What do you think?

What he said ^^^ 

The idea that one councilor is responsible for this issue is not credible.

There is a lot of information on the process surrounding the bridge closure on the 'Don't forget thread . . . '. The council and Network Rail are monitoring on a week by week basis.

There is information here about the bridge replacement including an email address and contacts at Network Rail:


There is info on the wider review of traffic in Harringay here (Green Lanes Transport Study):




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