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Haringey Council to cut down previously protected mature trees in St Ann's development.

Mike Hakata, Deputy Leader Haringey Council - has declared that 114 mature carbon collecting trees shall be felled for developers - previously agreed as protected with the St Ann's community involved with the planning of this space over the last ten years. So much for community involvement! An about turn agreeing with developers that they could replace with saplings. These mature trees have captured years of carbon and made Haringey cleaner.  

Please note Hakata's hypocrisy of blocking our surrounding roads with miles of polluting traffic since the ill planned LTNs were introduced locally thereby creating more pollution for residents whilst claiming LTNs create pollution free communities. One solution for one area is not a solution for all. 

So why agree to 167 new car spaces at the St Ann's development? Crazy ..inviting new owners and tenants to contribute to Haringey's pollution?

Does Hakata understand ANYTHING about planning and traffic management? What are his qualifications to do this?

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The man's either an idiot or just two faced. 

Arseholes! These trees should be cherished and protected. 

They know that they can do whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous. No matter how unpopular.  The reason is that their leadership is safe because the utter fools in this Borough who do vote just blindly vote Labour each and everytime. 

Hi Barbara, is this the planning decision? Do you know where the details are posted? (they aren't on the Council website). It's unusual for a Council to agree to a mature tree being replaced by a sapling but then, it is Haringey

This is their Twitter posting - please Dm them or at Facebook address below.....

Friends of StAGS (St Ann's Green Spaces)
205 Tweets
Friends of StAGS (St Ann's Green Spaces)
"We aim to protect the unique green spaces of St Ann’s Hospital, Tottenham, particularly the Site of Interest to Nature Conservation (SINC) woodland.St Ann's Hospital."
A friend of mine has been very active in helping to plan the site and dealing with conservation of the trees...she alerted me to the statements made by Hakata at their last local meeting. They as local residents have tried repeatedly to highlight this issue but to no avail.
Here..... a full page detailing their campaign...https://www.facebook.com/StAnnsGreenSpaces

Elizabeth ..if you read your Cambridge reference down to the end you will see the following. 


The study is an exploratory study analysing Eucalyptus trees in Australia. All results should be seen within the study’s geographic and methodological context and further research will be needed to investigate the results’ generalisability. "

Eucalyptus trees require vast amounts of water and space...my experience working in Africa on farming and re - greening projects in the Sahel.  

Completely different conditions apply here in the UK and in London's city borough of Haringey!

Ah! Good point! Thanks Barbara! 

I'm appalled, angry and heartbroken at the planned destruction of these beautiful, life giving, trees. And disgusting they are throwing in all those parking places. We all lose out. I've enjoyed walking around the old St Ann's site the last few years, it's been like a small nature reserve, a pocket of calm. I'd hoped the trees would be spared. 
Consultation? There is con in that word. 

I see this destruction as nothing less than wilful criminal damage. Feel like chaining myself to a tree when the wrecking squad move in. 

This is such a lying cheating lazy useless two-faced borough. Let's all move to Barnet or wherever...

Off you go.



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