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The Council have released some information on their latest Streetspace bids on a transport and highways response to the COVID-19 crisis to enable social distancing around Haringey including in town centres, outside schools, and providing new cycleways and low traffic neighbourhoods. 

While it's great to see some action taking place, especially a proposed cycle route on either Wightman Road or the Harringay section of Green Lanes, so far there is little else for the Harringay area. 

Folk on the Ladder have reason to be apprehensive with yet more plans to restrict through traffic in the areas around us while leaving the Ladder one of the few remaining areas left wide open to traffic and rat running.

Harringay Ladder Living Streets are campaigning for the reallocation of road space so people can walk and cycle safely on the Harringay Ladder. 

Join the group by emailing: harringayladderlivingstreets@gmail.com.

We are having one of our regular online meetings this Thursday evenings, do email if you would like to join.


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Oh dear this does look very worrying.

Why on earth does it have to be option 1 or 2 for Harringay? Can they not think a little more holistically for once?

I wonder which they will go for:

1. Green Lanes - which would be enormously complicated and expensive to do properly (and would push traffic onto the ladder roads) - or might just be tinkering around with a few junctions and bus stops so that they look like they are doing something . . .

2. Wightman Rd - which could be done very cheaply (with a few concrete blocks and planters), would transform the living, walking, cycling environment for 100s of thousands of people, greatly cut traffic in Harringay  . .

I wonder which they will go for . . .??

They need to do both of course.

Green Lanes Pavement widening, Bid 2b, and a cycle lane?? How will this fit in the mix you might ask. It's been approved, all 265 grand of it.

I wish these pavement widening drawings were clearer, but by the looks of it lots of non-continuous small islands of pavement being built out into the parking (ok) but also the bus lane (?), making Green Lanes a two-lane ish street between the bridge and Seymour Road. 

I cycle Green Lanes every day so am hoping for it to be improved, but this looks like it'll make the journey worse, with buses and bikes forced to pull in and out of traffic. 

Who would grant £250,000 on the basis of those drawings? I've zoomed in to 250% and still can't quite make out all the fuzzy letters.

In the text they say "Creating a space that is more flexible to meet the needs of the businesses" but the space is not more flexible, it is still just just pavements only wider. This would be making space more flexible. It doesn't all have to be tables, stalls should also be possible.

Uptick for this.

That's assuming you even get 1 or the other.

Via Wightman, I don't see how that could possibly happen without closing it to traffic or making it at least one way. With them asking for over £400,000 to implement either of them, we'll see how keen TfL is to stump the bill on that when Haringey haven't included a single sentence on how they plan to implement either of them.

As the Green Lanes footpath widening is "already approved", I don't see how it will be possible to implement a cycle lane there since the footpath widening still includes parking spaces - just in case someone was hoping we'd at least get smooth traffic flow out of this.

In the wording of the cycle proposals, it is all about getting to the city rather than local journeys, so it makes me think they are planning to hand it off to the proposed "quietway". This quietway is a weird proposal in itself, who would want to take that route? From Wood Green to Finsbury Park it's a climb of 240ft, vs just 40 for Green Lanes or 90 for Wightman - while also taking 40% longer. 

I do hope St Ann's get their LTN as I fear it's the only one that possibly might happen

Where are the school street measures for North and South Harringay schools?

Yes, exactly! Those schools are missing from their list.

Consultations in the past show that any appetite to provide solutions for schools is secondary to appeasing the residents of those rung roads with the loudest/best organised lobby. 

Hard to see how a school can't muster parents to press the council for change when a handful of residents on a ladder road can. 

Michael & others, I think much of these proposals have been lobbied for by established community groups who are in touch with the levers of power at LBH including Haringey Living Streets. Another factor could be the bruising campaign involving many Harringay residents during the GLATS consultation process leaving many of them extremely cynical about any dealings with LBH especially relating to traffic infrastructure. Add that to the recent cynical decision to slash the ward's Community Infrastructure Levy monies & divert them to Tottenham despite a 2-1 vote opposing it and the rush in which this has all been delivered, leaves us where we are today.

I think that the ward Labour Party group is quite large, so I wonder where their voices are in all of this is? Do they need to start asking questions of the councillors they helped to elect? There is still one in the cabinet, with the "Health & Adults" portfolio, which might be a good place to start.

A small & rapidly growing number of local residents have very recently set up a new Living Streets group for the ward, Harringay Ladder Living Streets to try and get a place at the table for the future. I recommend anyone who wants to attempt a change to the status quo gets on board.

It is worrying that there are no measures being put in place for the 2 primary schools, an obvious oversight somewhere. As many residents are also parents with children in the schools I'm sure they can come together to raise their concerns about this, likewise any parent governors.

Me and my partner always joke about the fact that in order for something to be done in our street, we need someone from the council to live here...I am starting to think this might be true!

I think they mostly live in Crouch End and that's why the money gets spent there.

I'd very much like to see the accounts for Crouch End on which you base this [as far as I can tell] unfounded assertion. 

I now live in Hackney. I am going to the local store to collect the promised milk and honey.



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