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Haringey Council has won £860,000 funding through Transport for London’s (TfL) Streetspace Fund, to start work on three new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in the borough - Woodlands Park/St Ann’s, Bounds Green  and Bruce Grove.

An LTN usually involves either temporary or permanent “modal filters” such as bollards, planters and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras being installed at key entry points to streets.

LTNs allow access and servicing for local residents and businesses, removing ‘rat running’ traffic and improving the environment for local people.

In addition to the funding from TfL, the council is also bringing forward £5.1m of its own funds to support the rollout of active travel measures as part of its Streetspace Plan and emerging Walking and Cycling Action Plan which will be published in draft for public consultation in Spring 2021.

Unfortunately, m the project that would have positively impacted the Ladder has not been funded by TfL. But the Harringay Ladder Living Streets group continue to work with the Council. Traffic boss, Matt White, recently described the Ladder a top priority for cycling infrastructure/LTN treatment. We are hoping that some of the £5.1m funding brought forward will be used on the Ladder.

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This is fantastic news for the area, huge thanks to all the people working so hard to secure this funding and the opportunity to reduce traffic on our residential streets. Thankyou

Didn’t Haringey Council recently spend thousands putting chicanes on Wightman Road (at the top of the ladder roads), thus making it one of the most dangerous roads to cycle along? I used to cycle along there to get to work, but I’ve switched to driving since the introduction of the measures. Hopefully, some of the £5.1m will be used to rectify the issue. 

The way this funding as allocated seems to be that if you are already a low traffic neighbourhood (perhaps because of local political corruption in 2005) you are far more likely to get even more money to further reduce your traffic. The ladder is used as a dumping ground and hiding place for incredibly levels of traffic which shorten the lives of residents. The agency that local councillors have appears to be heavily restricted by the council officers, at least that is the impression I get from councillor Matt White who is running with this scheme. Pockets of low traffic are tolerated but essentially the cut through the middle of the borough must be maintained.

We are incredibly let down by our local politicians again and it's not surprising. Meetings are poorly attended and the same car centric local Labour members are calling the shots. Hackney, Islington and Enfield are making us look bad, especially with regard to cycling provision and throwing money at places that are already OK is not going to improve the situation.

I call on the council to give this money back to TfL if they can't spend it to improve the lives of residents blighted by increasing levels of through traffic.

Given the political clientelism that defines the running of Haringey Council, it would be sensible for Ladder residents to focus on the nature of their transaction with local councillors.

The leader of the council offers councillors patronage, the electorate traditionally offers them votes in exchange for support. However, the Harringay ward electorate appears to offer its vote for free. What material gain does it receive from its councillors?

If the Ladder Living Streets group were to join the local party (for purely pragmatic purposes) it would stand a better chance of forcing its agenda through (see the Green Lanes business groups, and neighbouring wards).

Views are being requested for the planning stage of the St Anns LTN




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