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Happy to say that I am well satisfied with what Tomos (yes, he's Welsh) my newish handyman achieved in the garden today.  Despite muddy ground and occasional rain, he buried 20 meters of new underground water pipe and electrical cable under the grass.  He's good for such things as fencing and digging out rubble and other obstacles to good gardening.  Moreover, he lives nearby.

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I have a lawn drainage problem - do you have contact details for Tomos? Thanks

I have sent you a connection request.


my garden is going to need a good clear out soon it’s overgrown and just all needs to come out ready for planting.

can I have their contact details and do they charge by the hour or just quote for the job? Thanks chris

I have sent you a connection request.

Hi how might I contact him as I have some local gardening work needing doing. 

I have sent you a connection request.

Hi, We need a Handyman for some outdoor work removing rotted fencing etc. Could you provide contact details? Meena

I have sent you a connection request.

I - too - am looking for a person exactly like Tomos to lay a garden path, to clear the garden after some building work and do some general gardening.

If he's not far too busy could he or you let me know how to contact him.


Dave K


I have sent you a connection request.

Thank you

Could I also have Tomos's contact details? Thanks.



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