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The development at Hampden Rd is finally on the market to the likes of us. In my experience this means it hasn't sold well overseas (we don't usually get this much of a look in).

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wherever it is - sadly it looks unsightly.

Yes it is, between the river and the railway on the same side of the road as the Mosque.

I also thought it was going to be much higher than this photograph, which shows 12 floors...

It's 14 floors going by the tiny diagrams at the bottom of some pages in the brochure - ground floor not inhabited, plus 13 floors. Plus the ground rises c. 10 metres from Turnpike Lane/Wightman Rd junction to where the tower block is, so it's effectively 17 floors, and even more dominating.

How right you are Gordon, 14 storeys according to a previous posting here.

High-rise returns to this area - from 1965 to 1998 Dylan Thomas House, 16 storeys high, and Hallam or Hollam House, at least 8 storeys according to OAE, occupied what is now Denmark Road between the mosque and Turnpike Lane.

Picture of Dylan Thomas House here:


Here's a view of DT House in context. 

It was always a bit odd stuck out there on its own and never a thing of beauty.

Some may take the view that because something was a certain way in the past then it's okay for it to be that way again. My view is to take each case on its merits. (Even Haringey's planning policy by the way has that spot as unsuitable for tall buildings). Now it's well on its way, let's hope it'll be the boon that Fairview and the Council say it will be.

It doesn't appear to have sold well overseas. I know I'm boring everyone but, the London Plan implies big towers next to railway and tube stations because of the density rules. TfL have massively enriched themselves with this as they own all that land that is now so valuable. I bet there will be posters around the station in years to come exhorting residents to get some exercise (just a ten minute walk a day!).

Beejabers. John, how many times do we have to dance round this tree. 

The London Plan might encourage such developments but it's the Council which determines the location of tall buildings in its local plan. This development should very clearly have been refused because it was not in a zone assigned by Haringey where tall buildings should be built. They belatedly changed a map to show that it was, but statutorily that map is not an official part of the plan. The maps that have legal standing in the approved plan clearly show as this site was zoned as unsuitable for tall buildings.

There is no doubt whatsoever about this issue. It's nt even a grey area. It's a long story which I've told a zillion times before - see above the other threads linked by the tag under the main post.

With the high rises at Woodberry Down, being built at Hornsey, and planned for Haringey Heartlands, Jewsons, Hawes and Curtis, Harringay Arena - it will soon be the late Victorian terraces that are out of keeping with the local character.

The latest Wood Green plans say that the old houses on Caxton Road won't be demolished now though.

As I've said before, even though Heartlands is earmarked as an area for tall buildings, the last plan I saw had nothing higher than ten stories - go figure.

The Hawes and Curtis development was, if I remember right, seven stories. That always seemed okay to me.

The bizarre thing about the Hampden Road development was that there could have been fewer stories with the same number of homes. In fact in the first submission there were. It was the Haringey planning officers or committee that encouraged it higher, despite the zoning. Go figure.

My biggest gripe about Woodberry Down is that they've blocked my view of the Canary Wharf towers!

Apparently at least one of the Heartlands blocks will be 15 storeys:

"Permission is sought for the construction of Building A1-A4, B1-B4 and C1; ranging from 2 to 15 storeys"

from: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica...

Notwithstanding any thoughts about social cleansing and vacant possession by property speculators from Hong Kong, visually I actually quite like the Woodberry Down flats...



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