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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Looks like this has now opened by Turnpike Lane tube.

Had a look as I wandered past and it looks like it sells bread and pastries for takeaway too. Menu looks to be the standard current kind of thing, a bit fancier/pricier than the Gonul one. Also open in the evenings for drinks and meals.

Not had a chance to try it yet but will pop in sometime, although I'd have preferred another greasy spoon there personally.

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Sounds great - thanks for the tip!

Although, like you, I’d prefer a really good greasy spoon. Full English with hash browns sounds pretty appealing right now.  

Andrew, would you know of any good greasy in or near the ladder?. I like the N4 Eatery  and their coffe is excellent but it would be great to explore other options. 

*Raises a mug of tea* Inger

N4 Eatery opposite Homebase

N4 would be perfect if they only spent a bit more on their sausages. 

Yes, of course, “Eatery” not cafe. Sausage failure unfortunately almost universal in so many remaining greasy spoons....

The menu is definitely caff with some Turkish dishes.  The omelettes are phenomenal (and massive). Menu link below


The chefs delight cafe up a bit from turnpike lane tesco express opposite Tarshish is a good greasy spoon and good sausage sarnies (in my opinion). Give it a go! Also wightman cafe has good bacon sarnies. Looking forward to trying the new cafe too 

I don't think there are any on the Ladder anymore. The two that spring to mind nearby are the cafe in Chestnuts Park and Rose Cafe down near the Tesco on West Green Rd. I've not been to either for a while but they both used to be proper cafes.

Chestnuts Park definitely; don’t know about West Green Road. I do miss Gonul’s predecessors (and the late lamented Cafe Lemon, or even its precursor the Wimpy, though not so much) but agree about N4 Cafe.

not a greasy spoon, but the breakfast at Jam in a jar is great

I went in here at the weekend. Seemed nice, quite a relaxed ambience with friendly staff.

Full English was decent, good quality bacon and sausages and left me full. Felt a little pricey at £11 but I suspect that is just the standard nowadays.

Will definitely go back there to try some of the other dishes. I was also told that the coffee was nice (I didn't try it).



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