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Green Lanes regeneration update via project managers (through inquiry to Cllr Morton)

Having written to all councillors about raising my concerns about the lack of information on the regeneration, Cllr Morton responded, giving me details of the project managers to contact f

Paul Dever (Paul.Dever@haringey.gov.uk) is the project manager for the Shop Fronts and Bridge elements and Peter Watson (Peter.Watson@haringey.gov.uk) is project manager for all other aspects including trees, paving etc.

I wrote to Peter Watson who has given me the following updates on trees, piazza, bike stands:

1. I took over the post from the previous project manager Steve Jones on the 6 November. Since that time I have been bringing myself up to speed with this project and others that I have been tasked to manager. Our main point of focus has been to substantially complete the works in Green lanes. As a result of this some of the non construction communication elements of the work have slipped namely updates to the public. I can confirm that an update reflecting where the project is at close of play today will appear on the website next week.
2. I have been given assurances by our contractor that all the paving/piazza works will be complete tomorrow morning in time for the Christmas Parade tomorrow afternoon.
3. The works that are outstanding and will not be completed until the middle of January are the installation of the bike racks, resin aggregate bases to the trees and the completion of some lighting works to the main dome of the Salisbury.
4. It is intended to plant out the planting beds in early spring.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Peter Watson
Project Manager


So until we have clear updates on the website, I suggest contacting paul Dever or Peter Watson for questions on operational details. I hope this helps....!

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May I suggest that you monitor this well as in Bruce Grove, although the general feeling is quite positive, NR took the lazy/cheap or fob off options. The standard of the paint finish is poor compared to the bridges in Caledonian Road or Camden Road fro example. They also painted the lettering so that it it is not centered on the bridge. It seems that it was just too difficult to move a sign to enable this.

I may seem to be nitpicking, but it is the small details that count and we are CONSTANTLY LET DOWN BY THESE BIG AGENCIES and  I really do not care if any one says that I am negative and should be grateful for getting anything at all. Other places get good quality and here in Tottenham we always get shitty finishes.

TFL removed the mock period lamp posts that lined the whole Historic corridor when they redid the gyratory before we raised this and saved some of the others. So we now have moptorway style plain grey ones at Seven Sisters, conservation area. We have 2 differnet style black ones in the Tottenham Green area and others furtehr up the High Road. No cohesion although new money has been spent. It doesn't seem as if we will evr get them back!

They (TFL) recently repaved parts of Bruce Grove with the plainest of concrete paving stones with the drop kerbs in ordinary asphalt. This is in front of our parade of lovely georgian terraces some of which are grade listed. Councillor Mc Namara didin't even know that this paving was taking place!!! So money has been spwent but opportunities missed.

Our dear Council Nomenclatura is cynically talking up once in a generation REGENERATION as a panacea when it is the little quality elements that could do so much for making us have faith in them....
WE DON'T. They are intellectually and morally bankrupt!

Rant over!

I understand that Council employees are not allowed to access sites such as HOL.

It would save a lot of time, effort, money, confusion and disappointment if Council employees were not allowed to use powerful graphics applications that give the impression that wonderful things will happen but omit to say "  first, you had better check that... "

Access at all? Or just, not allowed to comment?

Thats a shame. Will there be any more trees? Making green lanes green-er was something I was looking forward to. I hope they explore other options for plants with roots that arent as deep (assuming thats the problem).

Any news on replacing the awful not fit for purpose cycle stands with sheffield stands?

The regenration has been marred by incompetence so far. The placement of the benches on green lanes is ill thought out. They seem to seriosuly impede pedestrians on the all ready narrow and cluttered pavement. Cluttered with rubbish and goods from local shops I might add.



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