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In case you didn't get this through your door attached is an update on the transport study.

Main points are

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It's interesting that they choose to highlight the Green Lanes traffic figures and point to the less than 1,000 figure. 

Michael, you did a traffic stats analysis. Is that a fair characterisation of the results?

As far as the transport area goes - yes.  If you include the roads to the east of Green Lanes it's true that most carry 1,000 or fewer vehicles a day.  If you look only at the Ladder then no - the great majority carry 1,000 or more - some far, far more.  Which is what is at the heart of the problem.

I can't find the link to the interactive map.  If anyone has it (I though I did) can they post in here please. 

Wightman Road was also missed out. What was the count there?

Sorry, the map link was on the slide deck from the steering group and I've lent that out.

120,000 passing over the monitoring points but using calculations someone far cleverer that me did (so capturing the proportion of vehicles that used rung roads to access areas of Wightman not captured by the monitoring stations) something nearer the 200,000 per week mark is more accurate.

Probably the same issue on Green Lanes which had a count of 180,000 but missed vehicles entering and leaving GL between monitoring stations.

Wightman is about 25% less busy than Green Lanes, but 5-10% busier than Turnpike Lane.

My figure of around 210K is a calculation of the total number of individual vehicle journeys on Wightman. The counters recorded about 115K at the top and 115K at the bottom of Wightman, but the counters also show that 80-90% of those vehicles disappear down an eastbound rung road, and a different 80-90% reappear from a westbound rung road. Hence the total number of individual vehicle journeys is nearly double the 115K counters.

The figure of 210K is not to be compared with the counters on Green Lanes or anywhere else. It merely illustrates the nature of the problem i.e. the Ladder creates a perfect geography for ratrunning.

According to the letter the map doesn't go live until 24th July so presumably the link will work then....

... 'will be live until 24 July'

I stand corrected...

Having said that I can't get the link to work to take me to the map

Hugh,I have a feeling that the figure of "1000 vehicles per day on residential roads" might be a sort of traffic consultant's rule of thumb about when ratrunning is perceived to be a problem about which "something should be done"? Perhaps someone could ask the consultants at the next Steering Group? Of course it will vary with the nature and location of the actual street, and the number of residents (and the number of residents who own cars).

15 of the 19 ladder "rungs" carry over 1000 vehicles per day. Only about 100 cars and vans owned by the residents on each street.

In an earlier post you estimated that 80 - 90% of vehicles on the ladder rungs are rat running. I do not think this is correct.

If you look at the Gardens roads, which are closed off, the average is 4711 vehicles / week. On the ladder it's 9,860.

So at worst you could say roughly 50% of the ladder traffic is rat runs. The actual percentage is probably lower as this does not take into account:

1) Residents having to traverse two roads due to the one way system (for example, someone returning to their house on Duckett Road from Green lanes would need to go up to Wightman first.

2) There are more properties on average per road on the Ladder compared to the Gardens.

We don't have to guess. A post closure traffic count will reveal all, but most Ladderites will tel you that nothing like 50% of the traffic that formerly came down their road is currently using it. From my personal experience I's say that Joe's estimation is by far the more accurate. But, as I said, let's wait for the hard data.



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