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I am more than happy, as are hundreds of other cyclists, to share the bus lane on Green Lanes in the morning with busses. I am not so happy to share it with the Iceland and Tesco delivery lorries which have to sit out the front there in the morning. It is not a red route so no motorcycles and black cabs undercuttiing the traffic at speed in the bus lane are rare.

The road isn't wide enough for a bus lane either side. Anyway removing the parking, as often as its mentioned, is no panacea.

Some people don't actually want to cross 4 lanes of traffic - the parking actually benefits pedestrians by reducing the effective width of the road.

During the morning and evening rush hours, parking is already forbidden on the 'busy' side.

Yep, with a bus lane in either direction, you'd have to make Green Lanes one way.  So it would be three lanes.  Bus in either direction and other traffic flowing North (or south) and W Green Road flowing South (or North) creating a triangle with Seven Sisters Road.

You can have bus lanes that operate in the direction and times of the prevailing traffic. So a southbound lane in the morning and a northbound one in the afternoon/evening.
I'm not convinced by segregated cycle lanes, I think they are problematic on a few levels and in some cases a positively dangerous.



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