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Oh good grief!  I despair when Councils make these sorts of silly mistakes.  It's not rocket science.

The leaflet about the Green Lanes Area Transport Study consultation was delivered here too. I notice it's dated 3 April 2017, so maybe the delivery folk jumped the gun?

The consultation on the Wood Green Area Action Plan runs until this Friday - 31st March - which will also have a big impact on local traffic, more info here - and it would be madness to run two consultations at once, wouldn't it?

I received the leaflet. So in short the proposals for Wightman have been distilled to three (four but two are basically the same thing).

1) "Minor improvements". Is that an oxymoron? What is this anyway--some no right and no left turn signs?

2/3) Wightman Road one way north or alternatively southbound. (If I had to choose between these not so great options it would be northbound.)

4) Wightman Road like summer 2016. "The most radical and transformational alternative". Does it have a chance? It would be wonderful. 

Bollards on the Passage gone. Sigh.

For Green Lanes the options are down to two - (1) Do essentially nothing or; (2) put a cycling lane on Green Lanes.

Part of the problem Knavel is that without the detail in the documents that are suppose to be on the website - and they still aren't at 22:20 - we can't make an informed judgement on anything!
Hadn't noticed the date on the document that came through the door. Maybe you're right about them sending them out prematurely.

1) The fact that the leaflet was dated 3 April suggests that perhaps the website isn't ready yet.  For all we know the guy hired to distribute in our area won't be around next week so wanted to get the job done in advance. I will wait till 3 April and hope that the website has been updated then.

2) Never in a month of Sundays--I'll be fighting you tooth and nail. What you have going for you is that the council is a government agency like all of them where doing nothing is the greatest career enhancer.

Option 4 - never in a month of Sundays.

I agree Antoinette - it was absolutely awful living in a perpetual smog of traffic fumes. I'm in favour of 'sharing the pain'.

Hi Maddy - I think the problem is that the pain is not equally shared at the moment. All areas surrounding Harringay - St Anns, Crouch End, Noel Park etc. - have generally effective measures in place to protect the residential side streets from ratrunning. The road layout of the Ladder is currently the exception - in fact the alternate one-way rungs of the Ladder actually encourage ratrunning:

Also, once the initial disruption subsided, pollution on Green Lanes was actually less during the bridgeworks than previously see months July-Sept 2016 compared to 2015 on this table:

Joe, I think your overstating the traffic calming in my area,
Glenwood, Avondale, Clarendon, Conway, Brampton, riches, Rowley, cranliegh, Teront, Etherliegh and black boy. Have NO traffic calming measures at all.
Woodlands park has one width restriction only.
Quite, the area is always referred to as having calming but other than a few speed bumps there's nothing. People razz up the street at 50mph and smack into each bump in turn. It's definitely a rat run for avoiding the GL/West Green Road junction.

Andy, I don't know many of those roads personally but I'd be happy to see them protected from ratrunning if it is a problem. Weekly traffic flows shown above - the majority of the roads you mention have traffic flows much less than the average ladder rung. Cranleigh and Etherly are approaching a level which I personally would regard as too high for a residential side street. Woodlands Park Road has much higher traffic flow - though less than a quarter of what Wightman experiences (116K+ per week) and cars can park on both sides of the road without needing pavement parking. Blackboy Lane is higher again - about 2/3rds as much as Wightman, and Blackboy Lane does have pavement parking along some of its length. Blackboy is a double-decker bus route so changing the road layout would be difficult. I think there may be some right-turn bans proposed in the GLATS consultation to alleviate ratrunning, I'd be interested to hear what residents think but I'm very happy to support that.

It's clear to me though that the road most desperately in need pf protection from ratrunning is Wightman.

I don't remember "the initial disruption subsided". I remember 6 months of continuous chaos. Of bus journeys taking 45 minutes instead of 15. Of constantly worrying if I would get home in time to pick up my son from after-school club.



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