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Hi everyone. 
Does anyone know what’s happening to the Green Gate pub on West Green Road? Pub renovation? Restaurant?

Thanks a lot

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Oh really?! That’s a shame. Quite a few of those around!

It’s probably the only time where a kebab restaurant might be an improvement on what used to be there...

Its a pub renovation apparently.

Hopefully a good one. 

Whoever bought it must have money, http://https://nethouseprices.com/house-prices/street-details-sale/...

No planning app in the website for that address but I'm sure I saw a reference on the weekly update  from council  (PDf) mentioning planning app for flats at the back?

I didn’t realise how big it was in there 

Yes I asked too- definitely a pub. I think they are knocking through to the back to create one bigger bar.

And they haven't got much competition around- discounting the Golden Sands which I'm quite ready to do. The old Green Gate had a good clutch of regulars, so if the new business can retain them and get a few more from a little further afield it could prosper. It was nice enough as it was, but with an Irish base, and the Irish have a different take on beer. In the days when I could drink all night I preferred what are called "session beers" , weakish but tasty bitters like London Pride and Youngs Ordinary. Guinness is most definitely to my mind not a session beer. 

Has there been any more news on this? Quite surprised there hasn't been a planning application given the work seems quite extensive.

Any more news on this?

Hi all, contacted Haringey Council on this and they have confirmed that no planning application has been submitted, which does suggest the owners are completing significant building work without obtaining the permission to do so. I've been asked by the council to raise a complaint about this to find out what is going on, as from looking through the window it doesn't look like they are planning to keep it as a pub

They are planning to keep it as a pub. If you look in the window all you can see is building work and significant wiring. How does that not mean it’s a pub? 

Where did you hear they're planning to keep as pub? Hopefully you're right but worth checking all the same



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