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Hi everyone. 
Does anyone know what’s happening to the Green Gate pub on West Green Road? Pub renovation? Restaurant?

Thanks a lot

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Kebab shop 

Oh really?! That’s a shame. Quite a few of those around!

It’s probably the only time where a kebab restaurant might be an improvement on what used to be there...

Its a pub renovation apparently.

Hopefully a good one. 

Whoever bought it must have money, http://https://nethouseprices.com/house-prices/street-details-sale/...

No planning app in the website for that address but I'm sure I saw a reference on the weekly update  from council  (PDf) mentioning planning app for flats at the back?

I was guessing flats. Pubs are closing or have closed, maybe they're bucking the trend? 

I didn’t realise how big it was in there 

Good news. A decent pub is always welcome. Takes some guts to open a pub these days especially at the moment.  

Yes I asked too- definitely a pub. I think they are knocking through to the back to create one bigger bar.

And they haven't got much competition around- discounting the Golden Sands which I'm quite ready to do. The old Green Gate had a good clutch of regulars, so if the new business can retain them and get a few more from a little further afield it could prosper. It was nice enough as it was, but with an Irish base, and the Irish have a different take on beer. In the days when I could drink all night I preferred what are called "session beers" , weakish but tasty bitters like London Pride and Youngs Ordinary. Guinness is most definitely to my mind not a session beer. 

Has there been any more news on this? Quite surprised there hasn't been a planning application given the work seems quite extensive.

Any more news on this?



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