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I live on Lothair Road North and was dismayed to see a tall, shiny and very ugly new fence appear at the bottom of my garden last week as part of Network Rail's Gospel Oak - Barking line electrification work (image attached).

I appreciate the need for a fence for safety reasons and also acknowledge that residents were informed of the plans. But we weren't told what kind of fence or what it would look like. Given half the appeal of these houses is the extra green you get from backing on to the railway line it seems like a real bully move by Network Rail to pick such a visually intrusive model. Why a pallisade fence rather than chainlink? Or could they not at least have painted it green?

I called this morning to complain about how the whole thing was handled and suggest that Network rail offer a paint job or some disguising planting as a neighbourly gesture and was told planting was a definite no and painting was very unlikely. 

I was also warned that I'd be trespassing if I went up there to plant anything myself. Although apparently it's OK if I stand on my side of the fence and lean over to throw some seeds!

Who else backs onto the line and has been affected by this? Has anyone else cntacted Network Rail, and if so, what response did you get? 

I realise that with Trump's proposed wall etc, an ugly fence is way down the list of global things to worry about but still...IMG_6873.JPG

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Hope not, and cannot work out the basis of their (Network Rail) security assessments.

Mostly, fences at the end of private gardens would not attract the full-on galvanised razor-edge-top palisade fence. Something to do with the postcode, in Network Rail's perceived crime risk terms?

If it (grossly ugly palisade fence alongside Railway Fields) were to happen I'd hope for an upsurge in guerrilla gardening with emphasis on climbing vines.....

Never mind climbing vines, I've been considering attacking it with an angle grinder...

The thing is there are any number of ways to argue that its unreasonable. In my case (I'm sure not unique) there are additional specific issues with how (and where) the fence has been installed. I'm also aware that other neighbours are upset about the uncovering of waste, failure to dispose of it, and damage to natural habitats.

If a normal neighbour did this to you, you wouldn't let them get away with it, but with Network Rail it's hard to know where to raise the issue. They (NW) just don't appear to be interested, and I'm not sure who I should get in touch with next.

I would be very interested to hear about other people's experiences communicating with them. I previously posted an email address for the communications manager for Gospel Oak to Barking Electrification, I'd urge more people to get in touch with her in the hope that there's strength in numbers...

Here it is again: Lara.Correia@networkrail.co.uk

Similarly if anyone has any other contact info - please share.

You could try posting on their Twitter feed. They might be a bit more responsive to bad publicity!

I'm not on twitter, but sounds like a good idea... Anyone? I'm about to write an actual letter...

FWIW on oakdale road the fence measures just over 2.1m at its peak (2.12). We weren't given a colour in our letter, but they said that the fence would be 1.8-2.1 metres depending on the location and assessed level of risk. I'm also at a loss as to why my location would require the larger fence.

The new fence they put up next to the new bridge on Alroy/Wightman Road is only 1.75m high, yet this seems the most likely place where people would try get on the line.

Before Christmas a few of us did make a bit of an effort to try and get them to change it.

If you think it's still worth a try send us an email at Lothair.road@gmail.com

43 Lothair

Thanks Owen, I've just sent an email to the address above.



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