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I've been told this morning that one of Harringay's last Greek Cypriot traders has passed away.

Andreas Michili's ran a shop on the triangle where St Ann's Road meets Salisbury Road. Apparently there are flowers and a note which suggests that he passed away two days ago. 

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i remember going into this amazing shop when I first came to Harringay in 1999. I loved everything about it, i.e. the food, the cookware and the friendly staff there. This is very sad to hear of the owner Andreas Michili's passing. His shop is and himself were a very special part of the N4 community.

I know it's exactly 5 years and 9 months ago today - but I still remember getting pretty wet when that CashMob invaded Andreas's wee shop. A good shop, if only Andreas could have moved it closer to Wightman Road. But CashMobs seem to come with a jinx, not just meteorological. Whatever happened to Jessica's Harringay Market of North and South Harringay?
Bye Andreas.

RIP Andreas.

He made our neighbourhood a better place, with his old-fashioned style of shop-keeping and the best olives and Cypriote cheese. And watermelons! The list could go on. Great photos of Andreas and the shop. The white chair that is now empty is where he'd be sitting and watching over the neighbourhood, glad to chat with passersby and generously share his culinary advice. And we were glad, too, and grateful.

Thanks for passing the news to me yesterday , Ivana. 

Hugh, thank you for the post.

Sorry to hear this. He was always kind and friendly whenever we went in. Amit 

Thank you Hugh for this thread.

I'm the second-hand photographer of that pic above - you can see my face reflected in his belly! (I was looking up to take the picture of a photo hanging behind glass in the shop).

I wrote a tribute to him on FB and was encouraged to make it public so it can be shared - its here on my blog. I will collect any tributes to him here and pass them on to his family.


Much love

Shilpa x

Shilpa, thank you for this affectionate and accurate portrait of Andreas. Our deepest condolences to Hulya, Selma, Marina, and Anita.

Azra, Eric and Ivana

Bless you, thank you Ivana xx

I have been on holiday and went in to say hello and get my veg and was devastated to hear that Andreas has died. He was the kindly uncle to my children ever since they were born (now 15 and 11) and would never fail to tell me how wonderful they were. In spite of having lived in London for decades he treated his corner of it as a village and this was his very special gift to us. We were very lucky to have this and we will miss him deeply. 

Love to you Liza




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