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A few of us are going to Newcastle on Friday to attend Glyn‘s funeral.

I‘ll be printing off a copy of the tributes which HoL members posted, for the benefit of his family https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/fairwell-glyn-kelly 

If anyone would like to add to them, I’ll be happy to print these as well.

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That’s really good of you David, many thanks

David, I’m so pleased to hear that you’re going up. Thank you for representing us. 

I know Ian is going too and yes please David. 

"I was always pleased to see Glyn either by chance on the streets around Haringey or on his regular supportive police role at the monthly community L.A.D.D.E.R. meetings to give his crime and burglary reports. His was a gentle soul and Haringey and the world is sadder for his loss. Geraldine from Burgoyne Road." 

Many thanks for the responses both here and elsewhere. I'll hold off printing them until about 5 pm in case anyone else wants to add something.

My own thoughts are these.

At a time when the police are not always trusted and when the principal organisations of society generally tend to become large and impersonal, there is a great need for them to be represented by people who can who can inspire trust, confidence and indeed affection.

Glyn Kelly was such a person.

Whether it was reporting to a ward panel month after month on local crime statistics, liaising (often on his own time) with residents' groups, lending a hand with whatever projects the locals were up to (including most famously playing to perfection the part of the Bobby guarding a "UFO crash site" at North Harringay primary school) or just simply working the beat which he had got to know so well over 25 years, he showed a remarkable devotion to his duties and to the people whom he served so well and for so long.

I first got to know him when he was part of a team that was dealing with some neighbours who were frequently being preyed upon by criminals and who themselves were not always on the right side of the law. The professional judgment and personal skills which he showed were noteworthy, and when the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams were introduced, I was delighted to learn that he had not only been assigned to our ward but that he had requested it.

And he kept requesting it.

Although I do not know this for certain, I am confident that he could have achieved promotion had he been willing to move. But he preferred to stay with us in the area which, as he once said, he had come to know in the same way that children used to know their neighbourhoods in the days when they were allowed to roam freely. 

When Glyn was coming up to retirement, some of the police who were working with him told me that his long and successful service in one quarter of London had made him a legend, and it is fortunate that he knew just how much he was valued by those for whom and with whom he served. 

I. for one, am glad that when my children first became aware of the fact that there was such a thing as a police officer, the first such officer whom they saw was Glyn Kelly. 

Anyone who wishes to make a difference would do well to consider the example which was set by this kindly, intelligent, hard-working and modest man.

Hear hear

Omg I saw this earlier and thought it must be a different person as he only recently retired. So so sad. I didn’t know he was ill  even. Thoughts for his family

Thank you. Brilliantly written by Ruth.



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