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Ginger and White cat seen in Umfreville Road - is he yours?

Does anyone know who this cat belongs to? See attached photos. Seen hanging around Umfreville Road for the last few days. He has a striking similarity with little Raffa, who went missing in 2010 and was once sighted in the same street about a year later wearing a collar and clearly having been adopted by a new family (despite being chipped...). Raffa was about 6 months when he went missing from our garden in Duckett/Cavendish road and despite me and my neighbours putting up posters everywhere round the Ladder, he was never found.

This is the original post from 2010


I am pretty certain this cat is Raffa and I just want to make sure that whoever has 'taken him in' 10 years ago in is still looking after him well and he has not been abandoned. He looks a bit neglected and speaking to a couple of people in Umfreville Road, they said he is often seen hanging out in the street.

If anyone knows the owners, could they please let me know as I'd love to check in with them and make sure he is still cared for.



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He's OK.

He lives a few doors away from us on Umfreville, he's (I judge) streetwise, and often crosses the street to take advantage of the sunshine on the south-facing side of the street. He was briefly fed by our neighbours, but his person asked them not to feed him, he was getting plenty at home. So he's fine, and thank you for asking!

Hi Gordon, thanks for your reply. Well, I was very fond of Raffa as he was basically always at my place. He was very fond of my cat and they became best buddies. We were really saddened went he went missing and looked for him for months...we put posters up everywhere. It's a shame that whoever found him didn't check for his microchip as he would have been reunited with his rightful owner and spared us all a lot of grief. 

Glad to know he is being looked after though. Maybe if you talk to his owner one day you could tell them the story...

And goodness you've a great visual memory from a decade ago - I'd conclude it's the same cat based on the markings in your photo from 2010.

I know him as Ringo, and the rest as Gordon said. I'd also rate him as streetwise. He seems to have lost a little bit of weight recently but generally does fine. 

Hangs out at ours often and loves to catch some sun on the bins.

I do keep an eye out for him myself but believe his humans are tending to him fine.

He accepts a belly rub from me every now and then but otherwise likes to prowl about on cat business and doesn't like too much of a fuss being made. 

Hi. Yes, a cat just like in your photos has lived along Umfreville for years. He is very friendly and always says hello to passers by. I haven't seen him recently (but then I haven't been out and about much for obvious reasons), but he always looked well fed and looked after. He appears to live in one of the houses just left of the closed end of Harringay Passage (where the Victorian brick stink chimney can be seen in the Railway Fields), numbers 54-60, but I don't know which one. Or maybe as Gordon said, he crosses over to these houses to take advantage of the evening sun.



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