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Ghost sign on 61 Grand Parade - "Lakes (Sporting and Industrial) Limited"

Just spotted this at 61 Grand Parade, on the shop that is about to become an extension of Abraco.

It's for "Lakes (Sporting and Industrial) Limited", and on the left hand side (second picture, below) you can see a fainter sign, though it may be for the same company.

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That’s so good, the font, the colour, I love it. I wish ghost signs could get listed planning status.

Thanks for posting this, Prompted by your photo and a case of temporary mistaken identity (now corrected here and on my other post), I took the opportunity of retelling a tale of the dark days of Harringay. It is told from what I hope is the perspective of a more comfortable twenty-year remove.

The sign in the photo was for Lakes Sports and Industrial outfitters. Started in Edmonton in the mid-sixties, the business had arrived at 61 Grand Parade by 1971. The business survived at least until 1991. 

London Phone book, 1984

On the older painted-over sign, shown in your second photo, you can see parts of the words 'industrial' and 'outfitters'. So, it's very liklely to be for the same business.

In 1991, Lakes became a social club, referred to as "The Lakes Social Club' till about 2006. I took the photo below on the Autumn of 2007, by which time it had evidently stopped trading. A couple of years later, it was operating as a solicitor's office.

I was a regular shopper at Lakes.  They were one of the few places in London to carry a big range of Fred Perry shirts.

Fascinating story Hugh.Personally I absolutely hate today’s plastic & vinyl signs.



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