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Our general rubbish bin has been stolen and the council wants to charge us £30 for a replacement. 

I thought we covered all waste collection costs with our council tax bill. Has anyone had a similar experience? 

Thanks, Montse

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A local reported a stray one on my mid-Ladder road that's been there for a few weeks. Unlikely to be yours, but it seems to be unwanted, despite a call going out to street-locals. Do you want me to ask to check if it's still there?

Thanks for the offer. We have already requested one from the Council and they were kind enough as not to charge us. Phiu. 

Good news. It doesn’t sound like they’re as fierce as the website makes out. 

Contest it with the Council - couldn't have been your fault.

I saw some of the local crack aficionados steal a bin a few weeks ago. Called the cops esp as those guys realised I was watching them and made threatening gestures at me. Wasn't really of much interest to the cops.

I expect they use bins to stash their gear and sometimes opportunistically stolen items. Easier to cart a bin off the premises and then rifle through it, and then abandon it.

I've put stickers with our address on our bins. Not sure how much that helps.

The website make it clear that you have to pay to replace a stolen one.  Pretty rough but…

They did replace my recycling bin for free when I asked nicely. I did point out that Veolia staff had broken it, but I had no way to prove it.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there.  My understanding is that the bins are our property so if we damage them or if they are stolen it’s our job to pay for a replacement (which become our property). If it’s damaged by an operative we can therefore ask for replacement or repair - just like if they accidentally smashed your garden gate during collection.  I think it probably costs less for Veolia (£30) just to send a replacement for a damaged bin that to carry out a full scale investigation into the claim for damage.

Aha! Will remember for next time ;)

Often hear , wheelie bins being pulled around. Seen a couple who seem to use them for carrying goods. Then dump them. Reason I well painted my green replacement. Which dO has to pay for. And often chain them up when empty.

Not forgetting that they will only empty bins they supply 

No doubt stolen and now full of discarded Arsenal shirts . 

Had mine stolen a few years ago, so have my door number painted on them in very large letters, seems a bit of a deterient 

This happened to me a couple years back, some chap walked into our front garden and wheeled the bin down the road (caught on camera).  We never recovered the bin and had to pay £30 to replace it.  We didn't contest it as we needed the bin ASAP, but in hindsight, maybe we should have!



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