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Has anyone done this before and has views on it, including if it is better to go for the bin or the bags?


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I have a bin (small) but have space in the front garden for it to be there. I happily let neighbours fill it up if I haven't. Veolia are being paid to clear every week so I like to get the full value of that by having it used as much as it can be. You might have someone nearby who might want to share the annual cost with you if you don't think you'll use it every week? Also be warned, if the sticker isn't on the bin confirming you have the service for that year they will swiftly take the bin away without notice and it can take a few weeks to get one back. You have to be very vigilant at updating the sticker when the year swaps over!

I remember the time when garden waste was collected free by the Council, composted and then made available annually at Ally Pally to the public - again for free. Now we have to pay and do not see the benefits of that composted material in our gardens. What happens to it I wonder. Is it sold on? (Paid to take it away, if this is the case, and paid for it at the end of the process.) 

Brian — I believe there was a big problem in Camden with Japanese knotweed being illegally dumped in garden waste bins, meaning it then infected lots more gardens when it was chopped up for use as compost. That’s also a Veolia contract, so I imagine they’ve been told not to recycle it for public use.

Veolia now market several products based on the composted waste that they collect.  I once bought a whole pallet of bags of stuff sold as soil conditioner.  It was much better than the stuff one could get free.  That was still warm, pretty smelly and unsuitable for anything except mulching.  It also had quite a lot of chopped up twigs and the remains of plastic toys that seem to find their way into domestic food waste bins.

Have a small bin and share with2 neighbours so works out at £20 each! (new rate from April. The sticker came off our bin last year so had to get replacement so do need to check that...

I have the bags, and have shared these with a neighbour.  Good point - no bulky bin in front garden.  Bad point - bags can tear if putting spikey or sharp twigs in.  If I had more room in my front garden I would go for a bin!  (although best option would be the shallow woven bags we used to be supplied with!)



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