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 519 Green Lanes, which is currently vacant, has a gambling shop application in process. I have received some information from Haringey council in advance of a hearing on 8th September to decide whether to issue the license. 

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions on how to stop the application being successful and stop another gambling shop from opening on Green Lanes? It seems that saying it will encourage antisocial behaviour, or doesn't fit with community values isn't enough to stop the license being issue.

Ive attached their application case summary if it helps.

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Thanks for bringing this up I plan to attend the hearing on the 8th and would also welcome any advice. I would also be cautious about revealing any main counter arguments here as the law firm representing the applicant is pretty opportunistic and attempted to establish contact with those opposing presumably to gather information and fortify their defence.

Good point thank you. If anyone has any suggestions or info please message me/kotkas directly. 

David Lammy and Catherine West would I’m sure be supportive.

Email Ian Sygrave who pretty much single-handedly runs the Ladder Community Safety Partnership. He has a good record on opposing these. No doubt he'll be opposing this one.

Dear All

I have objected to this application and will be speaking at the hearing as a Harringay ward Councillor.

Licensing legislation means only those who have sent in written representations can speak. My thanks also to Ian Sygrave who always keeps an eagle eye on planning and licensing.  

The hearing is formal and has to be conducted under very specific rules. It will on Tuesday September 8 in the morning and will be on line.  The link to the agenda is here: 


Best wishes


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Thank you Zena

Thanks Zena.  I objected on behalf of GRA but am unable to attend the hearing as I'm working.  Thank you for speaking for us.

Hi Cathy

All objections/representations are in the published papers so are there for the committee to see. I  will make sure I read them all so I can refer to points if necessary.

Best wishes


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Dear Zena - Thank you for making clear how opposed local people are to more betting shops. They prey on the poorest and most vulnerable people, as others have pointed out. Let us hope this one can be stopped. Best wishes - Chris Fowler

Good luck. Pls don’t just oppose this one. These are parasites on the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

Is this a usual standard betting shop or one of those fruit machine arcade type places?

Either way I hope it gets refused.

I still don't understand how the arcade shop opposite Mums is still open, it's always empty when i take a quick glance inside.

But yeah... These places attract the wrong type of people and it has a knock on effect in terms of crime in the area.



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