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The following from Daliah Barrett Team Leader, Licensing at Haringey Council


We have been served with an application to review the Gambling Premises License at 48 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1AG.

The review is brought by a new operator (Roma Leisure) wishing to gain access to the premises, upon the existing premises licence holder (Cashino Plc) who are refusing to agree to give consent to the licence to be transferred to Roma Leisure.

All responses must be received by the 27 th October 2011.
It will then fall to the Regulatory Licensing Committee to determine who can operate from the premises if anyone.

See attached notice.


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The unused portion of what used to be Burger King, next to the new Costa, is now being fitted out and a betting shop will open in two weeks' time :-(
So it's not an adult bookshop!?

Damn it. I wanted an adult book shop. Aand with the costa next door it would have been just perfect!  Any suggestions HOL for good adult bookshop preferably near a coffee shop? Feel free to PM me if you'd rather.

What's there now? And why don;t we just convert the whole Grand Parade to one big betting shop? That's the way it's going. :(
It's an application to renew what's already there, Anette.
oh. I guess that battle's lost before it started then.

Different Place


That's the one up on the corner of Turnpike Lane, Sarah. http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/betfred-turnpike-lane
Hugh: was this a change-of-use (in Planning terms) that was approved, or what?
This is a licensing issue at this point, Clive.
Anything we can do (to object)?
Looks like a new bunch of gangsters is trying to take over from the present gang, and the current gang is resisting. Let's hope the dispute is resolved before they start shooting at each other and innocent citizens get caught in the crossfire.



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