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Below is my follow-up message to all Haringey councillors expressing further concerns about the notice - lack of as well as absence of for one event - for the future of Tottenham Hale regeneration exhibition.

I am attaching a photo of the noticeboard in the May edition of Tottenham Hale News. the info-sheet produced by Haringey Council. It fails to mention the 10th June event with Chesnut Estate residents about the proposals to plonk tower blocks along Monument Way and the three-tier tower complex planned for the old Welbourne Centre site. In addition, the venue for 13th June event is to be 'announced soon'. It is not acceptable to run a public consultation when you fail to release the full details at the time of promoting it.

Hope you can come along to one of the events. At the Saturday 13th June event the Friends of Down Lane Park will be showcasing the facilities that have secured by the community lobbying and working with the council. Well, the parks service more than the regen team. It is important to remember than in 2009 Cllr Kober wanted to build houses on the playground area. The community stood strongly against that and with support from across the borough got the required investment in new playgrounds. Please help us again get the investment the community wants in Down Lane Park.

All best,
Chair, FDLP



Below is the 'complaint' I made about the lack of notice for the next round of Tottenham Hale regen events. Basically I am saying that 2-3 weeks notice is not adequate to properly alert people (and businesses) and involve them in the discussions. I accept this is a debate about what a reasonable person would regard as reasonable notice, but people deserve better notice than being provided. People (and businesses) have more things in their lives than to be summoned to council events at the convenience of their 'regen betters'.

The arrival today of both Tottenham News and Tottenham Hale News creates further concerns about the inadequate notice. See the attached photo of the events noticeboard on the leaflet.

The leaflet says that the venue for the Saturday 13th June event will be announced soon. But, why has the venue not been secured before promoting the event? If this is the showcase culmination of the regen exhibition then why are events being advertised as going ahead without full details being confirmed? What is the haste?

There is no notice given of the Wednesday 10th June evening meeting at Holy Trinity School to discuss the tower building plans for along Monument Way and the three-tier tower on the old Welbourne Centre site. Why has this not been included in the June events notice?

It is interesting that Friday 12th event is taking place at 5 Ashley Road, which is the old TfL buildings close to the petrol station. This council owned buildings has recently been leased to a theatre company - no contract details provided - and one has to question the relationship between companies prospering from the council's regen agenda and where the council's regen agenda engages with the community to be regenerated.

No comments about going to Hale Village Engine Room on Thursday 11th June. Except to say what new will be gleaned given there was a major consultation event there in late March. Not saying don't go there, but maybe better to get views of those within Broad Lane residential area as they are affected by Retail Park re-build.

Happy as ever to explain and discuss further. If you would like to come visit the area and learn more about the Tottenham Hale regen warzone. I don't fear debating the regen agenda, but ask for fair play and an end to consultation trickery. All events should be publicised and full details of the events should be available when released.

I have further flagged up concerns about the surveying likely to be done at these events. Any questionnaires must allow people to express their views and not be guided into affirming the ambitions of the council's developer masters to build approx 75 tower blocks in Tottenham Hale area alone.

All best,
Martin Ball
Chair, Friends of Down Lane Park

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Looks like there is about a 1/2 day a week intern doing all the publicity for LBH.  Of course once the plans are nailed down, we will all get glossy brochures through our doors, welcoming us to the new nirvana.



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