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The venue has changed, it is now Space4, 113 Fonthill Road, N4 (Thanks Konrad)

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Very good, but I hope you will also feedback that the park had restored itself to its fine glory, from the tough mudder several weeks ago. Just in time for the massive festival weekends to destroy it again. Yet just a few weeks later our lovely park is good as new

i think it’s very very sad we can’t get let these events have these moment of glory. Grass recovers, the park recovers particularly in the summer. It brings so much joy to so many young people, it’s lovely to share it

i cycle, or run through Finsbury Park most days all year, and yes it looks bit damaged for awhile, but soon repairs

I don't really agree, I turned my ankle walking over a deep hardened furrow left by the Tough Mudder and this was yesterday. It was disguised by grass. They tried to flatten it out but large sections of field that were previously flat are now not actually very suitable for running. 

All the damage caused by Tough Mudder hasn't been repaired.  In some instances the damage has grassed over but the damage e.g. ruts remain.  A good example is near the entrance to the running track where people were crawling through mud under barbed wire (see photos of the event and today) Nothing was done to restore the area to what it was like before.  I thought that event organisers were required to restore but apparently not - the Council doesn't care.

Is one of the myths the one referenced in this article where it is claimed that Haringey Council considers the FOFP to be racists and classist?

“I know that in closed council circles, FoFP is classed as classist and racist” for opposing events like Wireless, “a lot of [whose] audience is Black.”

I read the article.  That seems to be a myth made up by the Friends of Finsbury Park.

I read the article. It seems bang on the money. 

The venue has changed, it is now Space4, 113 Fonthill Road, N4



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