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What is this place? Who is behind it? Are they there legally?

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It's the squatters. 

Ah. That's pretty blatant. Squatting and illegal trading on the high street!

The Council needs to shut them down. Otherwise it sets a dangerous precedent. Stealing someone's building, illegal trading, no business registration, not paying tax or business rates, no health and safety, no fire safety etc.

They’re giving away stuff. Why would they pay tax on it?  Should my neighbours who put things on their front wall be VAT registered?

As Michael says they are giving away stuff.

In this present Covid situation when many people will be going without they have opened up a sadly closed Post Office which has stood unused for a while and are giving free donated second hand children and adults clothes and free donated food such as tins of beans as well as other donated items that may be of help.

The law changed a few years ago to make squatting illegal in residential properties. The post office is a commercial property so this isn't illegal and is a cilvil matter between the owner of the property and the occupiers.

I didn't realise it was literally 'free' stuff. I'm all for it then.

I'm guessing the Council is happy to give them a pass on the usual health and safety, fire and public liability issues seeing it's a good cause.

It’s not a shop, it’s their home and they are allowing people to come into it to take away things they need.

Isn't it a commercial property rather than a residential one? 

The property is commercial but the people using it are living there as their home 

Well it's very nice of someone to donate their water and electricity to these people.

And it’s very nice of them to give something back in return

Is it really 'free'? I've seen some pretty extreme political slogans in their windows. We all know what Free Palestine really means.

Golden Dawn was using the same tactics to spread their particular poison in Athens taking advantage of the desperate working classes. These guys look like they're from the other extreme but poison is poison.



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