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Can anyone explain how these cars are able to park for weeks on Effingham and Whightman without ever getting a ticket??!

Obviously spraypainting the no parking sign must help, but these people seem to have found a way to park illegally (often on the pavement) and NEVER get a ticket.
How does that work?

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That does seem strange, but I think there is something strange with parking on the Ladder.

Parking availability on our mid-Ladder road changes quite significantly for no apparent reason. We'll have months when parking is very available, then months when its very difficult to get a space. There's no logic: it doesn't match with school term dates or holiday periods. These are not just some days it's easy and some days not. these are definable periods blocks of markedly different parking availability. 

What's also very odd is that after parking spaces were taken out on Wightman foe the most recent changes, I thought that parking at the Wightman end of our road would suffer from the nearby loads of 20 or so spaces. Perversely,  the reverse happened and parking availability increased.

It's all very odd and difficult to resist perceiving a human hand intervening. Up to the Wightman Road parking space change, our road had gone from being always easy-to-park-on to (according to a resident-led survey) being the one with the least parking availability. Since the Wightman change, there's been these marked periods. Can anyone suggest something that might be causing this that I've not thought of? 

Sorry Hugh, I should have been clearer. It's not an issue of parking availability. These cars have obscured half of their licence plate and have parked in this area, illegally, for weeks without getting a parking ticket (though local tradespeople regularly get tickets on their vans). They are often parked on the pavement, meaning pushchairs cannot get by ... but strangely never get a ticket.

If you pay to park your car in a CPZ surely traffic enforcement officers should deal with these cars who don't pay and take parking spaces from those who do. Or should we all just put some tape over our licence plates and park for free?

There's nothing to stop local residents removing the tape.

But surely obscuring your licence plate is illegal? How do they get away with it? 

I was close passed by a speeding van in an LTN in Islington the other day and I can't do anything about it. My helmet cam recorded it but the last two letters on the licence plate were covered.

I got what you meant, Kevin. You’re posting about a parking irregularity. My suspicion is that what happens on our road is in the same ballpark. So my primary point wasn’t about parking availability per se; it was about parking availability caused by something, very odd and possibly suspicious.

Have you notified your councillors, or the council cabinet member for parking about this?

I think it was reported to the council in November last year, it's still going on.

I'm not surprised! To get Haringey parking services to act seems like a miracle and then others in the service ,(someone who left especially) seem to be on the ball. We've got a neighbour parking illegally day in day out. Haringey are well aware of it, came out twice and are doing silch about it (though this was after months of repeated reporting). Yet we received a letter threatening us of a fine of £1000 as we got one dropped kerb and used our wide yard to park 2 cars (which was possible via the dropped kerb). Btw, the neighbour has no dropped kerb at all and mowed down a wall recently parking a large white van on the yard plus it's sticking out on the pavement. They find people left right and centre for driving down an LtN road but here where they could fine someone who disregards the rules on a daily basis they ignore it.

So, here is another question. Why would you obscure your number plate? 

I have often wondered how the parking enforcement folks are able to see if we have a valid parking permit or not. I have wondered if they have a hand held scanner that scans number plates as they walk by and this checks to see what the permit situation is. Is my guess correct?

If it is, perhaps this is why the number plates are obscured.

Now, I also believe that the enforcement folks have a mandate/ability to check tax on cars- I believe this is what would have your car lifted among other things, and I would have thought they have a mandate that says they can issue tickets if a registration number is not clearly displayed (Question)? 

Actually. A thought occurred. Garages always have a problem with parking and storing cars they are working on or have finished and are waiting for their clients to come pick up. Is what you are seeing the same cars, or different ones? If so I wonder if it is the garage putting these cars out of their way and onto the road, and perhaps it is them that is covering the registration plates to avoid the cars getting a ticket?



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