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Hi everyone! We've got four wooden dining chairs with upholstered seats that need a new home. They are good quality chairs, but they are falling apart - one is currently tensioned with string and they all need taking apart and rebuilding; all the bits are there and there's no major damage to any of the pieces, it's the joints that need attention. We've been given a dining set in better condition, so I'm not going to spend the time on these, nice upcycling project for someone! I reupholstered the seats a few years ago, but didn't replace the seat pads, so if you're going to put the effort into rebuilding, you'll probably want to invest in new pads and reupholster them again. I don't know how old they are, but I've had them 20 years and they were a hand-me-down then.

Available for collection from mid-Ladder from this evening (Saturday, 12th Nov), no charge. They aren't heavy, but there are four, so you'll probably need a large car or van to transport unless there are enough of you to walk with one each. If you can receive them today, we might be able to bring them round to you if you're local. Non-smoking household, but we do have a cat, so not pet free.

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Hi there;  I'm just wondering if you still have the chairs.  If so, could I come and have a look?  James   



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