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Hi all,

I saw a few foxes in my garden this weekend who all appeared to have mange.

One had lost all her fur and she was looking pretty bad.

If like me, you'd also like to help these pretty animals then get in touch with the Wildlife Rescue and Animal Centre in Enfield on 07970141282.

There you can pick up medicine for the foxes and they'll provide you with all the necessary information.




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Found this charity which will send you drugs direct too. Some nasty photos there.

The Wiki page on Mange has even nastier pics. Dog owners take note. 

And really, dont go to google image.

How best can we co ordinate this as we need to make sure that they don't get given medicine by all of us. One of the foxes we see here on the south side of Beresford looks like They have Mange so would be happy to put out medicine. Where are your foxes Jessica?

I always keep an eye out for foxes in my area. My only sadness is that the law prohibits me from doing so with a rifle. If anyone really likes foxes you are welcome to collect some from my garden where you will find them digging up plants, defecating everywhere, and leaving chewed chicken bones, beer cans, shoes and clothing lying around. So cute.

Maybe only thoughtful foxes get mange. Nature is so cruel.

I will put up a poster. "FAO people of and visitors to Wood Green - please do not leave litter on the pavement".

When this works I will invoice Haringey Council for a proportion of the sum that they will save on their Veolia contract and I will split it with you.

My point really actually is about neighbourliness though -- lots of people on HOL have had problems with foxes. Meanwhile their neighbours are just fuelling the problem.

Now, I understand some people find foxes endearing. Some people find rats cute and keep them as pets. I'm neither of these sorts of people. Though I do like cats. So I accept these distinctions are -- somewhat -- arbitrary. But I just wish to make the point that actually feeding or otherwise aiding foxes is not something that would be universally considered a social good. c.f. Trafalgar Square and feeding pigeons. Or, no matter how cute I thought rats were, I wouldn't leave food out in an attempt to attract them to my garden. I think neighbours would reasonably consider that to be antisocial.

I 'm happy to take over in a few weeks if we have 'nt seen any results. Let's keep in touch about it.

I wish that we didn't have so many foxes in our area.  They often foul my front garden, raid people's bins if they get an opportunity.  Also a lot of cats go missing (I see so many cat missing posters) and I wouldn't be surprised if its the foxes.  I don't want them to suffer with any disease or have a difficult life.  I do think though that the council should be keeping the numbers under control.  I think there are probably too many foxes in London.  I see them most days and they aren't that shy anymore.  

whilst Im not particularly keen on foxes, I also hate to see any animal suffer, and would hope they get treated if need be-

As for foxes going for cats- generally foxes avoid cats unless they are ill or kittens- but foxes always get blamed for cats dissapearing- whilst cats dissapear due to all sort of other reasons, esp with their fickle nature and their atitude that they sometimes like to have multiple owners-

I watched my very nervous little girl cat, see a fox off from the garden last week- cats know whose boss

cant say I have had my plants dug up by foxes, more likely one of my cats 

I wonder if I'm seeing one of the same foxes that have been talked about. I'm on Beresford Road, south side. The fox I see most has a dodgy back leg, not sure if offside one or not. It looks quite young. The poor thing spends a lot of time scratching and I wondered if there was some kind of molting thing going on. Having read this, perhaps he is scratching because of mange. I'm not googling anything like that. I hope he gets some medicine as he seems to be in the right catchment area.....

Hi Jessica

I'm glad your experience of foxes has been so positive, and I'm impressed with your care for them. But I think you have been lucky and are a bit unfair in suggesting that anyone who has had problems has probably been careless with their rubbish etc. I had a group of foxes living near my garden a few years ago and, trust me, they TRASHED it. I would come home to find no plants, broken pots etc and huge holes in the border. Repeatedly. Other local residents have had similar experiences and there isn't really very much you can do - you just have to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in (difficult; they can leap a six foot fence) and hope they will move on to some other poor souls garden. I love my garden and I dread another one adopting it.
There is a useful leaflet by the RSPCA that might help
Sounds like what people say about cats - don't crap in their own space. Hmm maybe I just need a fox!

Hi Jessica 

We did'nt hear from you today so hope my message got through last night.  Can you let us know if you still want us to help out.  regards sandra



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