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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This pic taken, where Graham Road meets Langham Place, by Matthew Maran, made today's Guardian

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and I found one snoozing on the allotment today.

Love this one too

They're everywhere at the moment. Got a nice video of one :)

A dream photo for all sorts of reasons!

So he spotted the opportunity for the shot and waited for it to happen! Fair dos to the guy. He deserves his moment in the spotlight.

He's very good, and done quite a lot - see his fox gallery - I've got his Hampstead Heath book & enjoyed his one day course there.

Another fine shot - I'd never have the patience.

WOW ... 

The urban badger is coming for them.  They've had it too good for too long them foxes.  urban BADgers already in south London, they'll be crossing the bridges soon. Foxes and cats have an agreement (stay out of each other's way) BADgers dont do agreements. Naughty little things

There's a badger sett at Westbury Banks

I thought I hear a badger, a few nights ago.  Alot of noise and snorting.
Foxes, dont snort, do they?

and here is Matthew talking about  foxes on London Live recently  http://matthewmaran.com/on-london-live



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