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Has anyone else noticed a little posse of foxes (I think possibly now reduced to one, but I'm not sure about that) who seem to be in one of the Hewitt gardens about four up from the passage heading east?

I live directly behind what I think it the garden of choice (I'm on Seymour) and must admit the fox is doing my head in slightly as it keeps trashing a particular section of the garden. I've now just given up on it until I can work out a way of keeping the fox out.

It's very adventurous and regularly comes right up to the back door during the day, which means that we've now got to keep it closed all the time in case it comes in the house. Plus it makes me nervous about letting my son play outside on his own. Both of these are obviously a bit annoying during the summer.

Does anyone have any ideas about either where it lives or what you can do to get rid of them, or at least keep them out your garden. And do foxes eventually move on, or does this mean that the fox will stay in that garden unless the residents of the house do something?

There was a fairly scary sounding bit of fox action about half an hour ago (ten or so, Wed night) - if you heard that then you're in the area I'm talking about!

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A friend in Stratford has a similar problem. She spoke to a fox expert (whatever they are) who said trapping and moving didn't really work as another fox will simply move into the vacated patch. He recommends making the area they use as unappealing as possible.

The area of the garden it messes around in should be soaked (really really soaked) with water regularly as they hate mud - eventually they give up on it.

There is a product called Scoot he has used quite sucessfully - it contains citronella

Finally - and if all else fails - you can get a squirter that attached to a garden hose. It's activated by the fox breaking a infrared trigger you aim across the area it likes to mess around in and gives it a good soaking. They are pretty expensive but if you're interested I'll ask my friend about it (hers arrived yesterday) and if it's been successful.
Those fat pressurised water pistols are recommended for unwelcome cats, maybe a few non-lethal soaking experiences would encourage Foxy to move on? But then others move in.... add some food dye so you know which one is which? Garlic?
Alison, I think we need to speak to the people with the garden where the fox lives, and soaking sounds like the best option. Poison won't work, the wrong animal will get it.

Does anyone know if foxes are good a climbing? Or do they just jump really high? How do they get over fences etc? Do they balance on them like cats?

I'm worried about this one too, as I have two half dead old cats and they would be easy little targets should the fox decide it's hungry, I also do not want it coming in my house, and we too have to keep the back door closed.
I've seen a fox walk along the top of a fence, cat-like.

I've also seen a fox try to carry off a cat. Didnt believe it at first. It was in the spring, probably a hungry vixen.
we (think we) live next door to foxy's current abode, and we have bought "fox watch's ULTIMATE fox deterrent" which arrived today.

apparently it protects gardens, dust bins, wildlife and fishponds in an area of up to 1350 sq ft.

we will set it up tonight and hopefully foxy will move swiftly along.
Good luck, and keep us posted.

I just looked Foxwatch up and it sounds great (here if anyone is interested), but it says the range of the device is only 60 feet. I don't think the fox is in the garden next to yours (you are on the passage, no?) but the next one along from that, which is behind me - so I'm just praying that we are within that range!
Ed's wife here - we're the next one along, the den is next door in an old shed we think - you can here it moving around. Trouble is the neighbours are not well off or in good health, as the council will not do anything they would not be able to afford to pay to get rid. Anyway, the Foxwatch thing went on last night. I saw the fox come over the fence, it activated, the fox jumped in the air and ran off. Have got some Scoot which I will douse the garden and try to get it through the fence into the den. Might do the trick. I called a company called Fox Solutions who gave some good advice about how to deter them humanely, last resort is trapping and it doesn't work apparantly (www.foxolutions.co.uk/).
Get some lion dung from the zoo? Very effective with some animals.
Hi Karen. Thanks. I'm diagonally across from you then, behind your neighbours. Maybe we should offer to go in and break up the old shed? I'd be up for it, if others were!
Hi there Karen and Ed,

I'm presuming you're using the 'scarecrow' thing - does it work? Thinking of getting one as have a problem with constant clearing up of fox poo in the garden. Not great when you have an adventurous toddler. Thanks
Hey all - the Fox Watch thing has worked!! Not a sight or sound of the little blighter for a couple of weeks :-)) No poo and no new holes. Anyone else seen him around?
Just got back from 2 weeks away (left on 7th). Ol' foxy certainly came to visit while we were away, but don't know how often or when. Suspect towards the beginning of our time away, as trashed the sandpit and left lots of stuff on the grass that had clearly been there for some time (just call me Sherlock). Has anyone else had any visits recently?



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