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Back in 2012, a I organised a group of locals to club together on HoL to buy an old map of part of the Harringay Ladder as the area was being developed. We won the auction on eBay and were able to donate the map to Bruce Castle Museum.

Before giving it away, I had an archival quality copy made by the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). They also printed us some copies on archival quality map paper. A number of the original purchasers got a copy along with a few other locals.

That section covered the southern part of the Ladder. In the ensuing few years I've had a number of people ask if there's a map that covers the other parts of the Ladder. I've been dragging my feet getting it organised, but I now have copies of two more maps and I'm  putting out this feeler to see if there's enough interest to get the LMA to do a print run of either/both of those.

I've now found the the Northern  and central section maps, (Strangely the Northern section os printed with south to the top) runs from Hampden to Effingham. The central section covers from Warham to Beresford.

The LMA did a fantastic job last tiime round. Printing on archival quality paper, they preserved the character and feel of the map and rendered the detail splendidly.

Last time the I did two sizes - a smaller version at 37" x 25" approx and a full size one 54" x 37" approx. The northern section would print out at something like the same sizes and the central section I think would just be at the smaller size. 

Last time the smaller size was £95 and £145 for the full size version (prices are now £105 and £155). If there's sufficient interest in these new maps, I'll need to check for up-to-date pricing with the LMA.My guess is that if there has been a price rise, it won't be very much.

Please drop me a note at hugh@harringayonline and if there's enough interest I'll organise another run.

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Excellent detective work Hugh! Does it solve the mystery of the missing Seymour Road? On the first map you mention the roads jumped from Warham to Hewitt (the one marked Hewitt is however now what is Seymour) - what does the central map say?!

The central section has it right. My guess is that the labelling on the southern section map was just a mistake.

OMG YES! how brilliant! I would love the Allison Rd Section. How EXCITING! where did you find them! this is a dream come true. Briliant! thanks Hugh! xxx

Glad to brighten your week. (Much needed by the sound of it from your other post - for which you have my great sympathy).

Blimey Hugh Im a shattered wreck. You should see the bruises!!! x

I would definitely like the Northern Section.  Thanks Hugh!

So would I. Northern Section smaller size.

Oh well done Hugh on locating the missing 'Seymour'! Very happy household here! Will drop you an email to confirm order.

Hugh. When we bought the Southern end map you also arranged a 'screening' so we see the map up close in the raw. If you have the originals (or even just copies) of these two maps is there any chance we could do something similar, perhaps reuniting it with the Southern map too if we can get it on back loan from the Bruce Castle museum?

It would be excellent to see all three side by side. A bit like bringing back together all those old collections of Master's paintings you occasionally see...

Where did you get the copies from?

The screening just ended up a drinking session in the Garden Ladder with a map.

I looked at it.... Admittedly perhaps through breezy eyes at the end of the night but I also enjoyed meeting fellow HoLers that I knew only by avatar.

I would like a large copy please, will email you.

Does that mean there's a fourth map with Ladder roads beyond Hampden? Was that part of another "Estate"?



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