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If anyone knows XXXX please tell her we found the packaging for her new flat screen tele in the passage between Seymour and Warham Roads. I'm sure she's missing it and could be quite distressed. She'll notice that the box has her name and address on it.

(Edited by site admin to anonymise the name of the person targeted. Please report this to the authorities and let them investigate. For all we know the addressee is not at fault here)

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I think she's probably a very kind lady and had donated it as a gift to the community

I do hope she is ok and being supported by friends and family.

It is important to remove and destroy the identification label before the packaging leaves your home.

Even more important not to dump it in Harringay Passage Geraldine!

We don't know the person did that, Michael. 

The bit of the passage and the planters next to them are regular dumping grounds for massive boxes people can’t be bothered to chop up and dispose of in their recycling bins Hugh because it’s hidden from view by a huge hedge. I have a hard time believing someone would go the trouble a stealing one from someone’s front garden with the sole purpose of dumping it elsewhere.

Very probably. But we don't know - which is why, under the admin profile I deleted the name originally published. It's inappropriate for HoL to be used for that, But, I'm forever reporting dumped rubbish and I would urge anyone has evidence of the provenance of a dump to report it to the council and supply the evidence they have.

Michael - I was hoping that might encourage whoever dumped it not to do so again if shaming didn't work, as it so often does not.

Devon, Haringey have just started running a 'wall of shame'. Their web page for the wall offers an email address FlyTippingEvidence@haringey.gov.uk . That's the place to name names, rather than doing so on HoL.

Have you put it back in her front garden with a few bricks in it, in case it 'flies away again' and ends up somewhere else? ;-)

I like your style Anton.



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