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For Sale: Book - Campbell Bunk: The Worst Street in North London Between the Wars (Unused / Brand New)

I finally got round to buying a copy of this wonderfully interesting book about a street in Finsbury Park. 

The first seller I ordered it from got back to me and said that they only supply educational establishments. They said they'd cancel the order and refund my payment.

Without waiting to confirm, I ordered a copy elsewhere. Lo and behold, today I find that I have two copies. 

The store who acted in error is happy to collect the book and refund me. But I thought first I'd check to see if anyone wants it locally. 

I paid £14.00 for the paperback version. The standard price seems to be £20.00.

If anyone would like to take this off my hands and read a fascinating chapter in our local history, it's yours. 

More on Goodreads.

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Bit behind the times here Hugh, I've just spotted this.    So, come on, what road was it ?

Campbell Road.  



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