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not sure if this has been posted, but, FAB NEWS!!! Fireworks are back at Ally Pally this year.

after a two (or is it three??) year hiatus caused by (wonderful ) austerity cuts there will once again be whizz bang cracks at "the people's palace" this November.

follow this link for more information and early-bird ticket prices 


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Excellent! A ticketed event with more things happening is a much smarter (more financially sustainable?) way of running things. Thanks for the news Ed.

I saw that this morning so really happy to see it back on. Wonder how they will control entry...

Great. Let's hope the ticket prices will cover the cost.

And please, no freebies for councillors and their 'guests'.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

If I watch from my flat roof on Wightman Rd, will I have to buy a ticket?

In the trade Eddie you are what they call 'leakage'!

If it makes a loss, the Council subsidy to Ally Pally will increase to cover the shortfall. So all Haringey residents will be paying.  Whether we're there or not.

There may also be external funding for this event - sponsorship perhaps. Naturally, as a Haringey councillor this is not something I expect to be told about.

Well, the fireworks at the Thames River Festival have been cancelled this year, we are told, because of reduced sponsorship monies. Maybe the Alexandra Palace organisers have managed something Boris couldn't  (and of course there's the wee consideration of it being the 150th anniversary of the 'people's palace').

Conversely, if it makes a profit, the Council subsidy to Ally Pally will decrease to reflect the surplus. So all Haringey residents would be saving.  Whether we're there or not.

But every silver lining has a cloud, eh Alan?!

Of course, Clive. If the event makes a profit.

But if I had 10p for every future silver lining promised at Ally Pally over the years - I wouldn't have enough for the bus fare to Tottenham.

I'm sure we all hope that if and when the Ally Pally trades its way out of loss, that will be the end of any further need for Council tax payers to cough up the money to cover its annual deficit. And that the days of "lending" it public cash to pay for capital works will also be over.

So on 5 November let's see if people will pay. Including councillors. Extra if they are in some VIP enclosure. Or premium prices if they are up on a balcony overlooking the assembled throng. Or inside mulling over some warming beverage.

Yay! I used to go to a big party at a friend's place in Turnpike Lane every year, as we could see the Ally Pally fireworks from the garden - fun times. But then they stopped having them, and we stopped bothering with the parties. Hopefully they can re-start now :D

I think it's a great idea, the old free concept with bucket collectors and nothing else to do but to go home and have your own private fireworks display after, hence defeating the whole point was poorly thought out.

This is a far better solution. Make the free loaders from other boroughs pay for the privilege like we've always had to and let the locals enjoy a proper party at the same time.

... And why not do it with a German twist, it nicely stitches the palaces history together in a positive direction.

Well done those with the vision.


I already have my tickets - an oompah band and beer -- this is GOOD news for the Borough.



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