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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Passed by this afternoon

Noticed as stuck in traffic. Massive pile of Christmas Trees.

Be a real Joke selling Trees, if traffic Gates are closed

Certainly No where to park near gate 

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I take it the Cafe is Closed ?

Are the Toilets still open ? 

Aware that many Dog owners used to take their Dogs in by Car

And people used to drive in and use cafe

No cafes are open for a sit in service as we are in lockdown.

Toilets are open, sometimes monitored by a park staff member to keep numbers low. The cafe is open for takeaway and running a limited menu, again with controls on numbers of customers allowed to queue inside and a one way in/one way out system. Seats are available outside only.

I think (hope!) there is at least a move towards a traffic-light park as there's a new traffic barrier in place by the new disabled parking bays, in the same style of the gate further down towards the zebra crossing. So cars will only be able to go left and round as far as the New River bridge.

I suppose you are referring to the Manor House corner where the traffic gates are never open.

Back at the Finsbury Park, main entrance on Seven Sisters Rd, the cycling gates are never open despite signs directing cyclists!!! This causes the regular flow of cyclists to conflict with walkers and prams on the narrow pedestrian gates. I really don't know why these gates are not open. Is it lazyness?

Also the benches have been removed for some stupid reason. Bring them back!

Also remove the ugly rubbish skip and replace it with tidy Recycling bins near the benches on the left hand side.

Some much still to do.... to sort out Finsbury Park....

Mark Douglas, Queens Drive N4

Sounds like you need to get involved with Finsbury Park Action Group

Believe Access is restricted due to Staff Limits

Benches is silly as anyone is aware that users need to sit down and rest. Plus they only hold a couple of people and well spread out 

Remember Park tried recycling bins. But collectors found they was not able to use materials as to contaminated 

But sure they could  come to a arrangement with Veolia who has their recycling sorted

Joke is it seems Our Elected Ward Councillors are Allowing Park Budget to be so squeezed even when large numbers of its residents are using them

Yet can find funding for Road Painting

And Staff to Run a Facebook Page that is viewed by such a minority within the Borough 

"XMAS TREE PARKING ONLY" sign by the gates today. So those with a car are saved the 'Epic Carry of Michael A'!

I do have a lie down afterwards Gordon



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