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Finsbury Park may be the people's park, but is this a step too far? Over the past month I've noticed that the occupier of this tent has become bolder and bolder - initially pitching the tent discreetly in the bushes and now out in the open. The tent is there every morning, shoes and occasional beer cans left neatly outside. The occupier doesn't seem to be creating a disturbance, and it is better than sleeping in a doorway, but will it be ok if this trend catches on?

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You can contact St Mungo's details here with your concerns about a rough sleeper. They have outreach teams that try to help people into accommodation. Another option is London Street Rescue, operated by Thames Reach orNo Second Night Out have a 24/7 contact number.  

His name is John. He is a completely harmless person with non threatening mental health issues. He's been living in this tent on finsbury park for three years. He gets a lot of unwanted attention from folk and is bullied a lot. John is extremely timid and therefore, because he does not shout and scream for his rights, has fallen completly through societies social saftey net. Thanks Liz for listing the above agencies.

his tent

With current housing policy's as it is, I think this may become the future of housing for some people In the summer months in the UK.
Sadly, I think you're right FPR.

Thanks James


The problem with no second night out and street rescue is that cannot help people like John. They are geared towards people who are recently made homeless.

I would say John is advoiding these services preferring to sleep rough rather than staying in hostel with people with particular problems.

Can't say I blame him, poor guy. It can't be safe out there, but I doubt there is any strong alternative.

Is this the same tent that used to be hidden behind a hut on the edge of the sports fields? If so, it's been there about 6 months! 

I'm sure he's a great guy, and yes I have shared my concerns with one of the agencies. My concern isn't about John as an individual but what do WE do about these situations? Finsbury Park Ranger sums it up - so do we remain complacent and ignore the problem until homeless people with less anti social habits set up camp?

Al, we do nothing. He's been there for years and no one else has set up camp. Regarding anti social habits perhaps you should concern your self with all the drug dealers, muggers, and cottagers who frequent the park day and night.

Don't forget the anti social multiple Buy to let landlords either who have pushed rent prices beyond the reach of local people. ;)

Indeed, that place takes on a special life once night falls. One guy in a tent is doing no one any harm compared to what the rest get up to!



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