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Finsbury Park - "MC" playing really loud music below athletics track

Anyone else pretty fed up with the guy that brings his massive speaker and plays his music really loud while Mc'ing over it in Finsbury Park?! 

He did the same last summer too, and doesn't seem to respond to anyone asking him to turn it down. Pretty ridiculous and anti-social IMO as you can hear it across that whole section of the park. Any suggestions on what to do? 

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Thanks. I managed to get through today to report it on the phone here: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/community/community-safety-and-engageme... - has to be done on phone as online form needs a street address.

If anyone else who has witnessed it can report it too it might help I guess?

Thanks, yup I saw that, but there's not category for noise complaints. Have managed to report on the phone to the council team today. Thanks for the tips. I heard from friends that he has been out there yesterday and today too so hopefully they tackle it soon!

This is where you need to go on the Haringey website to report noise:


Is this the guy you're referring to: https://www.instagram.com/p/COmm8SEAxfz/?utm_medium=copy_link 

He uses the handle @finsbury_park_life_ on Instagram 

That's the one. Very kind of him to post evidence for us! 

The one that's driving me mad every Sunday is the person with the tom-toms. Same beat all day every week. 

Interesting shots of his performance, surrounded by acres of empty grass - presumably as people try to get as far away as possible from the racket.

Surely this is a p*ss take?!

In any case, he's an irritating bar-steward and no mistake...

Indeed he is! And still at it this weekend just gone : |



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