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Finsbury Park - "MC" playing really loud music below athletics track

Anyone else pretty fed up with the guy that brings his massive speaker and plays his music really loud while Mc'ing over it in Finsbury Park?! 

He did the same last summer too, and doesn't seem to respond to anyone asking him to turn it down. Pretty ridiculous and anti-social IMO as you can hear it across that whole section of the park. Any suggestions on what to do? 

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He's really annoying. Completely ruining the ambience of the park yesterday and today. I want to escape the city, not listen to terrible dance music.

Have you tried violence? It's a bit out of fashion in terms of dispute resolution but is generally effective.

Ha, no, not my style, don't want to get into anything like that. Just want him to find an indoor gig somewhere!!

This evening, my partner walked home through the park at the end of a hard working day and arrived home ranting about this individual. This one person must be ruining so many other people's enjoyment of the park, not to mention the peace and quiet of nearby residents. 

My thoughts exactly! 

Is there still at £10,000 fine of using a sound system? 

I think that's for raves/illegal gatherings. Don't think you can have a rave with one person! Most I've seen with him is probs 3 people - a "small gathering" in anyone's books!

Have you tried reporting it - especially if there is a specific time the nuisance can be witnessed?


Thanks, I had a look there, but there's no category for noise complaints. Have tried reporting noise on Haringey Council website, but only lets you specify an address/postcode rather than a map location in the park. Will try to get through on the phone later!

If you navigate to the map you can drop a pin on the location by tapping.  The blue dot is one I’ve just done.

There's also one that plays loud music outside of Wood Green Library but no-one seems that bothered about him, and the music isn't that bad. I'd rather listen to that than the puerile cacophony of popping cars.

Park is part of Haringey Council responsibility

Noise team should be dealing with issue

Remember when a Park Keeper there, many years ago

When I guy ask some people to turn down music, they refused and he had a water back pack which he emptied over the music unit . Plus could run well

Stopped the music and No trouble as was on my way with a couple of the Park's Dog handlers and Dogs 

Plus many other was giving us verbal support

As I say you get what you Vote for in Ward Councillors. Who seem unwilling or able to support Enforcement Action against those that Offend the majority 



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