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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey Council, in partnership with Hackney and Islington, are holding a festival of cycling in our park.

Bike Week 14-22 June

  • Fun bikes
  • Cycle races
  • BMX displays
  • Scooter training
  • Organised cycle ride
  • Bike security marking
  • Cycle your own smoothie
  • Free giveaways for cyclists
  • Dr Bike maintenance checks on your bike
  • All-ability cycling with Pedal Power Cycling Club

SUNDAY 15th June | 12 noon to 6 PM

To find out more about cycling in Haringey, call

020 8489 5351

or visit:


Clive Carter
Cllr., Highgate Ward

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I really wish I could go to this, but it's the same day as the London to Brighton Bike Ride! 

Can't you make it there and back by 12pm?! ;)

At least the park won't be a sea of stretched lyrca..

Of course I could.... but I'm not going to   We're staying over in Brighton for a little break. Oh, and not everyone who does L2B wears stretched lycra - there are all sorts who do it, from unicycles to tandems, folders and even the odd recumbent, most of whom have no lycra at all!

Virtually everyone who does the London-to-Brighton ride wears Lycra; I know this very well as I have many a time had to stand and wait while the iridescent hordes take over the roads of my home town, aided and abetted by benign constables.. Cycling in small numbers (or better bstill, singly) is in my view great; in numbers, hugely problematic

I've done it the last two years and, based on my experience, that is just not true about the Lycra (perhaps it used to be, but it isn't any more).  There is quite a lot of Lycra, especially among the crowd who are likely to be in Brighton in plenty of time for lunch, but among those, like me, who treat it as a nice day out, the Lycra factor is significantly diminished.

I agree that cycling in large numbers can be problematic - the main issue with L2B from the cyclist's perspective is the different interests of the participants, as those who want to race to Brighton but don't leave London before everyone else try to battle their way, often very aggressively, through the more relaxed majority.  I can see how it can be annoying for the residents on the route too - I would have said a few years ago that it's only one day a year and it brings people with cash into town, but these days there are so many variations on the ride (London to Hove, anyone?) that it certainly isn't just once a year any more.

All good points. I may also be slightly sniffy as I doubt I have the legs for it!

Of course motor vehicles in numbers are far more problematic, we just have a bit of a cultural blind spot when it comes to how much time and space we waste on big queues of metal boxes

Just so long as it isn't the Arctic Monkeys recycled?

ARE you a cyclist, Eddie?

So, the borough of Haringey has no coherent cycle network, zero separated cycle infrastructure and no obvious plans to catch up with neighbouring boroughs. But you can go to the park and 'cycle your own smoothie'. Slow hand clap for Haringey Council.

Grant, I agree with your criticisms. As a new councillor, I intend to be an advocate for cycling.  The Council is wedded to motor vehicles and the income from them it derives. I hope the Festival of cycling (above) might be more than a token gesture.

If one were churlish, one might continue to deprecate whatever steps the Council might take, as being too small. Bluntly, they are likely to continue to be too small for years to come.

However, rather than a slow hand clap, I think the Council's tiny, inadequate steps should be cheered to the rafters, in order to encourage a slow-moving organisation to do more and more quickly.

Also, lobby your Councillor in one of their local surgeries.

Councillor (Highgate Ward)

Liberal Democrat Party



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