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It's been revealed today at the Haringey Parks Forum that two parks Finsbury and Downhills have lost the coveted Green Flag status and have been requested to "suspend flying the flag" until improvements have been made. 

Winning sites are "mystery shopped" in alternate years and this year not only have two sites failed to meet the requirements but seven others have been given an amber grade showing areas of concern. I don't have information on which parks/green spaces have been identified but I am currently trying to find out which seven they are and will update when I do.

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True, our parks are the "jewel in the crown" for Haringey - Lordship Rec featured on Countryfile recently, for example, highlighting how much people power can achieve in maintaining our parks despite cuts to budgets and services.  But people power must be extra, not instead of essential council staff and money, the parks can't be allowed to slide into the neglected state of a few years ago. 

When my grandchildren come see grandad all they want to do is go to the rec.  Just like I did. Oh Haringeys parks. They've changed so muc since the 70s.   The circuit on our bikes (chopper. Grifter. Chipper Tomahawk. Yeah right (dem woz money bikes) we knocked up our own:-) we rode rec. Up to ally pally. Cut down through newlands to priory park. head to Finsbury park to Chestnuts park to downhills park back to The rec.   :-)

Stationers lost its park keeper and it isn't what it used to be - the reed beds aren't maintained and not sure if the fountain is working. 

On the other hand there are more absolutely massive Council cuts on the way, going to be handed down by the government who said austerity had come to an end! So we're likely to see more decline not only in our parks but in essential services.

It is not true to say there are 'absolutely massive Council cuts on the way'. 

The leading Labour councillors on Haringey promise to maintain a good service. The government has allowed local councils to raise their rates this year. This will provide more cash to maintain services.

Haringey has massive reserves and also under spends in some of its departments each year. I wonder if the Parks Department underspent last year. 

I work for a local authority and it is true. There are massive cuts on the way for us all. The Budget did not deliver an end to austerity at all.

Can you provide evidence from Labour councillors to say they are introducing 'massive cuts'? Where is your evidence? 

The evidence is not from Labour councillors (for that matter, perhaps I don't even work for a Labour council).  It's from central government, who have cut our grants year after year.


Do you really think councils should dip into their reserves to fund basic services?  What happens when that is gone? Or if there's an emergency and no reserves left?

You may not realise user name 'Neil' was previously user name 'Neil O'Shea', ex-Conservative councillor. I do, on looking at his postings history.

The cuts in spending on our local parks were produced by austerity. This was caused by the high level of public debt left by Gordon Brown in the last Labour government.

His government was reckless with the economy and in borrowing hundreds of billions of pounds that the UK could not afford. This also led to a massive recession.

This government can only reduce Labour's giant debts by finding money from cutting public spending. 

If you don't want cuts and austerity, don't vote for a high spending Labour government. 

Gordon Brown sold off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market so we had nothing to cushion us when Lehman Bros failed. 

Neil is suggesting councils use up their reserves now

So you accept there are still massive cuts on the way?



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