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If anyone is experiencing excessive noise disturbance from the Adobe festival in Finsbury Park, suggest reporting it on Haringey's report it noise form - apparently they recognise there are growing no. of complaints from this area and are monitoring levels at the park.

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I really like the festivals in the park but I must admit that Abode is WAY louder than Hospitality was last night.

Is this the one happening now? It's definitely louder than normal festivals.  Can hear it at Fairfax rd which is unusual. 

Yep and it's on until 10pm.

same from Allison Road. It’s drfinitely not this loud usually. I was however at Hospitality last night so I feel bad complaining haha

Do you have the link?

I climbed Hornsey Church Tower at the top of Turnpike Lane this afternoon [Open House Weekend]. Was asked what's that thump. Had to tell them it wasn't a passing Merc coupe but the gig down the southern end of Finsbury park two-and-a bit railway stations away.

Yep that base has been going all day, even with the windows shut and the TV on we can hear it on Beresford!

I just noticed the wind is blowing straight down green lanes. That would be it.

Wind definitely has an effect on sound dispersal, I'm in Kimberley Gardens and we hear most festivals as the noises bounces back and forth between the terraces, I was caught out this time because I didn't know the event was scheduled and the music was so loud I assumed it was my sometimes noisy neighbour and was on the verge of going round to complain. It didn't help of course that it was Techno music which has the same standard and unwavering thumpy bass lines.

We're on Sydney Road at the Turnpike Lane end of the Ladder and we can hear the bass as clear as a bell down here! I called the residents line for this event and was told the noise was within permitted levels, but I'm pretty sure the line is being manned by the company running it! Feel so sorry for anyone living next to the park, especially if they've got kids they're trying to get to bed.

Thanks for the link. We can hear it in Stanmore Road which is miles away. And our windows are shut. Making putting the kids to bed a right laugh. 



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