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The Council's head of leisure services has today sent an email in the following terms to all local councillors:

"Dear Councillors and Colleagues,

This is just a short note to bring to your attention that during an inspection of the underground reservoir in Finsbury Park Thames Water have identified that one of the circular arches in the reservoir has changed shape and there is a crack in the roof.

As a precautionary measure, and in accordance with their own H&S guidance, Thames Water will be erecting Heras fencing around the reservoir to prevent public access on to the grass roof of the reservoir.

I have stressed with them today our concerns about the effectiveness of the Heras fencing in a public park setting and they have undertaken to keep this under review.

Thames Water will be arranging for a more detailed inspection to be undertaken, decide what remedial work will be required, secure funding for the work and undertake the work. Therefore, this matter is likely to take several months at least to rectify. Thames Water could not be more specific about the timescales.

I will endeavour to update you further once we hear more from Thames Water."

In addition, I have received a call directly from an official at Thames Water, who has provided me with contact details and has offered to meet with me and other councillors on site if required. She advises me that the Jamaica Village event will not be affected.

I will be happy to forward any specific queries which residents may wish to email to me. My address, once again, is david.schmitz@haringey.gov.uk

David Schmitz

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harringay Ward


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I'm adding a picture of the underground reservoir sent to me in case the site Anne linked to goes down.

Fantastic - guided tours maybe while the work is going on?
Would love to get down there, but it would have to be organised beyond the work since it finished two years ago.

I hear from a source at Thames water that its fenced off again and they are doing more monitoring tests i'm not sure if that is true or not.

David. What news on the res? I see it is still fenced off and I hsve been meaning to see if this is a good time to come back to the seedbombing idea, and turn it into a wild flower area for the summer? What do you think? I have a bucket load of sunflower seeds!

Young men use it to play football on.... Seriously, a wild flower meadow?

No one is using it for football at the moment John- call it a pop up meadow- something temporary and fleeting perhaps, but somehting nice to look at as we slog up that s*ding long drag of a hill to Manor House when we do the park Run on Saturdays

Interesting this thread has come to life again. I am off up to seed bomb the place as soon as I can- John M, if you are not happy with my pansy and poppy selection you can come and hold me back!

I am curious as to how pop up this is all going to be David? The area originally fenced off has reduced, but it is still there. What are Thames Water actually going to do? Mathew Hooper seems to have heard rumour of them sitting on their hands.

Any updates?

FYI, just to update this thread, there are some great photos of the reservoir in this article from July 2021.

As it states in the article:

"Matt Emmett got permission to have a look around and won the Architectural Photographer of the Year prize for a stunning picture of the reservoir"

He actually won in 2016 e.g. see this article.



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