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The Council's head of leisure services has today sent an email in the following terms to all local councillors:

"Dear Councillors and Colleagues,

This is just a short note to bring to your attention that during an inspection of the underground reservoir in Finsbury Park Thames Water have identified that one of the circular arches in the reservoir has changed shape and there is a crack in the roof.

As a precautionary measure, and in accordance with their own H&S guidance, Thames Water will be erecting Heras fencing around the reservoir to prevent public access on to the grass roof of the reservoir.

I have stressed with them today our concerns about the effectiveness of the Heras fencing in a public park setting and they have undertaken to keep this under review.

Thames Water will be arranging for a more detailed inspection to be undertaken, decide what remedial work will be required, secure funding for the work and undertake the work. Therefore, this matter is likely to take several months at least to rectify. Thames Water could not be more specific about the timescales.

I will endeavour to update you further once we hear more from Thames Water."

In addition, I have received a call directly from an official at Thames Water, who has provided me with contact details and has offered to meet with me and other councillors on site if required. She advises me that the Jamaica Village event will not be affected.

I will be happy to forward any specific queries which residents may wish to email to me. My address, once again, is david.schmitz@haringey.gov.uk

David Schmitz

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harringay Ward


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I had no idea there was an underground reservoir! Where is it? Is it under the flat ground next to Seven Sisters Rd?

Exactly. I think it's not an inconsiderable area.

I thought this was a mistake at first, thinking it meant the big reservoir south of Mountview Road and west of Ferme Park Road that's shut to the public.

But I've walked over what must be the reservoir in FP many times, not especially realizing that its a reservior, so well integrated with the park it is.

If its normally fine for the public to walk across the FP reservoir, why not for the Mountview one? London could do with more parks and this is an asset that's currently not being used to its full potential.

Agree with you Clive about the Mountview reservoir. It must have one of the best views in London too (after the view from Alexandra Palace)

Suggestion. Given there is an expectation no one will be on that part of the park for some months, can we seed bomb it with as many wildflower seeds as we can so we can have a wild flower area, if only temporarily. I will be up with my massive bag of sunflower seeds over the weekend!

You might also be intersted in this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilica_Cistern & some images the underground Roman cistern in Istanbul. It is incredible.

This is, if I may say so, an excellent suggestion, and I've just passed it on to Thames Water with the suggestion that they do it. May I suggest that you wait for a reply before doing it yourself, as of course the fence is in the way.

David Schmitz

I can always throw them over the fence no doubt.That said, I will hold off, if you can let us know as and when you get a response that would be great David

Amazing!  What ELSE is down there just beneath our feet?  Is it true the Harringay Passage is a covered sewer?  Perhaps an expedition is called for.

See here for more info about the sewer beneath the passage and here for a picture of it being upgraded in 1903.

I LOVE Harringay Online!

That house collapse looks horrendous.  The thread does not record what the eventual conclusion was, but Google Maps shows a sensitively-designed new build in the collapsed house's stead.  Did Thames Water cough up for damages in the end?

Thanks Nick. I'm not sure who paid. Anyone?

I've got a lot of wild poppy seeds so will give it a go too.



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