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I see some pros as well as the obvious cons but felt this feedback was telling.

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Not strange at all Michael. 2pm is the middle of the day when there is relatively little traffic. The impacts of the LTNs are felt in the busy morning and late afternoon/early evening rush periods. And for some inexplicable reason those rush periods seem to have gotten longer since the LTNs were introduced.

I've noticed that there is little traffic on my road at 1am on a Monday morning. LTNs must be working....

But aren’t the street gridlocked at all times of day Cem?

No. But they are in the peak times and the congestion in those peak times has been worsened and lengthened by the LTNs.

Don’t you think the road works on the north circular at Bounds Green Road and North Mid Hospital, on the A1 at Highgate station, the congestion at Tottenham Hale due to building works and Tollington Road being reduced by two lanes at Finsbury Park are probably a greater hinderance to traffic trying to get into London from Hertfordshire rather than a local traffic scheme in Haringey?

Thames Water are also regularly digging up any no of roads in north London as well - disrupting far more than the LTNs. 

I have a bit of a cold, currently. Pretty sure that’s the fault of the LTN. 

The congestion is nowhere near the levels it was at when they were first introduced.

Yes there is still more peak time congestion than there was pre-LTN. But when taking into account the benefits to the minor residential roads I would say it's an acceptable inconvenience.

The idea that levels have not come down since the teething troubles of the launch is a nonsense.

I speak from everyday experience of driving one of the routes in question.

Unfortunately we can all give our personal opinions and I'm sure we are all right in our minds but what is really needed is independent evidence to confirm impressions which equally unfortunately is not what we can realistically expect from our council who I'm sorry to say will only be interested in anything that confirms their own position.

So are you saying you won't accept any evidence that is forthcoming because you personally perceive a bias by the council.

You have a bias, the council has a bias, let's call the whole thing off.

Not what I'm saying at all. For evidence to be accepted by all it needs to be demonstrably independent or else one side of the argument or the other will claim it is biased. There seems to be evidence that the Council has ignored majority public opinion in favour of its own or wider policies in this and other cases so to avoid that accusation the evidence needs to be independent.

So you are saying the data provided from the cameras is being fiddled by the council.

That’s quite some accusation.

And if the data demonstrates that the LTN supports your view on the situation will you be dismissing that evidence too? 

It’s all quite conspiratorial, if you don’t mind me saying.



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