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I see some pros as well as the obvious cons but felt this feedback was telling.

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They put those big plastic LTN feedback things over the top of some of the parking bay suspension notices in my street, then issued a PCN to the car parked next to it.

If you’re against it (as I imagine those who vandalised them are) isn’t it rather self defeating to tear down the information others could use to feedback that they against it?

Probably someone acting out of frustration because of the likelihood that the council will ignore consultation findings with which it disagrees.

Probably, but a bit dim too.

One man's vandal is another man's freedom fighter etc etc. 

If they give you ruled paper, write the other way!

It not about such noble sentiments but not thinking through the consequences of your actions. I keep hearing how the majority are against the LTN but tearing down something inviting people to comment on the LTN means that fewer people will see it, so fewer of this majority will register their opposition.  Like I said - rather dim.

You might be right but it could also be a sign of the contempt for the contempt that the councillors have shown residents.

Or that they person who did it is just a mindless vandal?

Or they might be making a statement (noting that the sign has been damaged, not removed).

I’m finding it difficult to understand why you’re defending a vandal?

As I suggested earlier, given the circumstances, it's quite likely to be a statement rather than simple vandalism. It's the graffiti as art vs vandalism argument.

I think a lot of the people who believe the majority are against this just assume that's the case as they view the majority as "everyone who agrees with me".



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